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  1. Sadly the bars all run consecutively... I’ve PM’d you to have a play on one of them and see if it happens to you as well.
  2. I just wanted to check something that maybe I’m not doing right in the creation process... When I write a song that has a string of consecutive notes (8 in a bar in a 4/4 and on the beat (a typical bass score for example)), I start skipping and missing all the notes as I play them. It’s not limited to one song. I’ve also tried playing the songs with two different guitars, one of which I recently replaced the strum switch, and it keeps happening. It doesn’t happen if the notes change pitch, only if it’s the same note in a row. It’s either that I am terrible at hitting consecutive notes, or I’m
  3. I’ve added a few extra clues in the original text if anyone wants to have any more guesses. None of them have been mentioned yet... If not, hopefully next week you’ll enjoy playing a few new songs.
  4. Just to be clear; I haven’t made Band Aid and never said I had! 😂 Now we’re talking about it I’m actually certain I enjoyed playing your custom version of it during December a couple of years back. I’ll definitely get that out again this Christmas because it’s a great song and it’ll bring some much needed cheer 😊
  5. That is always the first place I check. I then check whether Harmonix have made it. Then I check the forums. I can’t do any more than I have. It would also be some coincidence that after so long, someone else suddenly made the same song in the same six week period. If they have, c’est la vie. What more can you do?
  6. I’m pretty sure Band Aid has already been made by someone? And as for Blondie - Maria, that IS a banger, and I genuinely considered that one. I’ll give another clue to each next week for those that are interested. The unique tracks are admittedly almost impossible to guess but should be a lot of fun to play...
  7. I did as much research as possible and even privately messaged people yes. None of the above songs were on anybody’s current WIP lists.
  8. You can go right ahead old chap - knock yourself out - but I’m keeping it 🤐! 😜
  9. To mark the amazing ten year anniversary of our favourite game, I’ll be releasing five new bangers over five days. Here are a few extra clues with a week to go: Monday 26th October 2020 To mark the 10th anniversary of the North American release; a track from one of North America’s biggest rock bands that is still a huge hit across the pond here in the UK but strangely doesn’t appear to have been mentioned in the forums before. A definite party favourite. From the days without the make-up... Tuesday 27th October 2020 A one-hit-wonder that has not only been prev
  10. Just thinking aloud; could this thread be pinned for the next 5 weeks, or a similar one, so that everyone who is getting stuff ready to release that week can leave sweeteners and then that week can give them a bit of a fanfare when they release stuff? I for one have a number in the pipeline and I know a few others are getting putting-in some hard work too to mark the occasion
  11. Well if anyone is interested in a collab for it, I have a unique and amazing rock song in mind to chart, but I’ll give it a shot alone if nobody wants-in! I’ll also try and get another track done in time that’s never been done before but has previously cropped-up in requests a couple of times. Should be able to squeeze them both out in 5 weeks
  12. Does anyone plan to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the release of Rock Band 3 at the end of next month? It just feels like we should collectively mark the occasion seeing as there arent many games in history that have continued to be enjoyed by so many this long after release. Of course this is in no small part due to the wonderful ongoing tutelage of C3 in enabling players to continue to create content for it, without which that would clearly never have been remotely possible that it had such a strong following. But the game also introduced the keyboard to the band for its only outing, pro
  13. I might be about to release one of these songs tomorrow hopefully...
  14. Speaking only of GH instruments, having not yet taken-apart a RB version but imagining that theyre very similar, the circuit boards are custom made, so if anything goes wrong with one of them you cannot order a new one. You either have to replace it with one from another spares version or you can try to repair it yourself. Shop around for any sort of tiny switches and then get some 0.2mm insulated copper wire, which you then solder onto the switch connectors and run directly to where theyre needed, bypassing or bridging the printed board connections. For example, by doing this Ive successfully
  15. Id like to second, third and fourth everything the chaps above have written. I have always used Guitar Hero instruments but the theory remains the same. Keep an eye out for replacements (for replacement parts/spares you cant buy anywhere - such as the motherboard), and get hold of replacement switches etc. online. They are REALLY easy to repair once youve done it once. Ive repaired so many now and you can even put foam inside to quieten the strum etc. whilst youre at it. There are a few good videos on YouTube about doing it. Dont chuck an instrument out for something that can be fixed quite ea
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