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  1. Pearl Jamathon is still on. I'm just waiting for the new database to settle in. I will have some tasty metal tracks for Halloween coming as well
  2. looks like the database is down until further notice. shall I linked directly to C3Universe or wait? let me know
  3. LATEST UPDATE 10/2 - Pearl Jamathon Day 2: Sometimes GUITAR: Sr.Moog "Sometimes" opens up their 4th studio album. Any fans who were expecting another Go, Once, or last exit were immediately kicked in the ass with this song. Sometimes seems to be about questioning occurrences in your life that are beyond your control. It seems to slide into existence instead of exploding like so much of their earlier stuff had. Yet, it has an intensity that easily matches everything else they've done. And it set the mood of that album perfectly.
  4. LATEST UPDATE 10/1 - Pearl Jamathon Day 1: Even Flow (1992) GUITAR: nicholasp248 This alternate version was recorded with drummer Dave Abbruzzese in 1992 while the band was recording songs for the soundtrack for the 1992 film, Singles. This version was used for the music video, and was used in single releases in the United Kingdom.
  5. T-minus 2 days until Pearl Jamathon begins. I hope y'all enjoy this. I've been working overtime and that won't be changing anytime soon.
  6. LATEST UPDATE 9/25 - Frank Friday's - City of Tiny Lites GUITAR: EchoOfMystery DRUMS: MrBurpler
  7. I have 47 songs planned. Not sure if I'll get to them all in time but that should please more than a few PJ fans
  8. Well I'm glad you found it eventually. Mastodon rarely disappoint
  9. http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/rufus-lives-r27456
  10. LATEST UPDATE 9/18 - Frank Friday's - Well (Feat. John Lennon) GUITAR: bsbloom The Fillmore East show in June 1971 had Lennon and Ono appearing onstage with Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention. The appearance was the encore for a Mothers Of Invention concert. It kicked off with Well (Baby Please Don’t Go), a cover of the b-side to The Olympics’ 1958 single Western Movies. The band was evidently unsure of how to end the song, and it dissolved into a melange of screams by Yoko Ono and members of The Mothers Of Invention. Lennon introduced the song with the words: “This is a song I
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