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  1. I'd download that. But yeah, this thread went off the deep-end a long time ago.
  2. A minor notice of mine, but given that Brutal Legend got a nod via a Rock Band DLC pack, I'm somewhat surprised that "Girlfriend" by Kabbage Boy hasn't been made a custom yet.
  3. +1 to this, definitely. Krokus needs some love, dang it.
  4. True Survivor by David Hasselhoff from Kung Fury? I'm honestly mildly surprised by this.
  5. I have actually been wanting Potato Knishes as a joke, alongside some other odd YouTube videos (i.e. Johny Johny Yes Papa, The Computer Song, etc.) I'm rather excited, to be frank.
  6. I will +1 Tomorrow I'll to the end of the cosmos and back.
  7. In the Year 2525 by Zager and Evans is suspiciously absent, come to think of it.
  8. I'm decently surprised Kenny G's "Songbird" isn't a custom. It'd fit well with the sexy sax lines in Baker Street and Careless Whisper.
  9. This thread hasn't been too active for a while, but I return because I am surprised this isn't a custom yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HR0P3sIb80
  10. I am well aware of this, I was merely asking if there was anything different about my case, seeing as how all of the examples I viewed involved flat/dead whammy bars being the most obvious symptom, and the mechanism being obliterated the root cause. I'm on to fixing it, I was just curious as to why my whammy bar didn't exhibit such signs, and if there was any possible difference relating to the problem before I went to fix it.
  11. This is absolutely bumfuzzling. I have, within the past couple of months, acquired a Guitar Hero II Xplorer, and it's a fine guitar, and everything on it works fine - except for the whammy bar. It's not dead or flat, it just doesn't work. Holding the bar down does nothing - it used to, but now it doesn't work. Recently - and I experienced this during a session of Guitar Hero III - the whammy bar is basically working, despite me not holding the strum bar down. As in, I'm not holding the whammy bar down, but every sustain is still affected by the whammy bar. My best guess is that the mechanism
  12. "Friends on the Other Side" from The Princess and the Frog I think would be an interesting choice. I +1 "You're Welcome" and "Friends Like Me."
  13. This issue has been resolved - I simply uninstalled then reinstalled the game, and it works fine now.
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