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  1. The long-awaited big bad Lingus full band is finally ready for download, with a preview video forthcoming. Enjoy!
  2. I do this all the time. What you'll want to do is make a time selection starting at the beginning of the measure and ending at the first sync point. So let's say we're dividing a measure of 4/4 in half. Select from beat 1 to where you want beat 3 to land. Then right click on a blank part of the interface (an area with no track on it) and select "Create measure from time selection (new time signature). From here, either do 2/4 or 2 measures of 1/4, and hit OK. Do the same with the second half of the measure as well. Then double click the tempo markers that appear, starting at the later ones, an
  3. Thanks to hotfuzz for reminding me about this song (A Certain Romance) today, and to Storm360 for getting the files to me literally over a year ago. Sorry for sitting on this for so long! This song now has the other guitar part charted in the verses, a few other minor charting changes, and proper audio levels. Enjoy!
  4. I was thinking of doing some Bloc Party, and Like Eating Glass and Octopus were a couple songs I thought of. That and So He Begins To Lie. Maybe I'll do a 3-pack...
  5. Got a chart up of this video: I'll do more of his if people are into it!
  6. Been a while, yeah? Wasn't planning on only ever doing CHON but whoops here ya go.
  7. You can also right-click and drag to select a section of notes.
  8. There's too much else going on in the actual song file in just about anything you'd chart. Unless you have stems, what you're doing probably won't work. If you can't sing, just use ReaSynth and try to match the pitch that way like everyone else. There's no way around it.
  9. There's a plugin called "JS: Center Canceler" but it's not a guarantee. It just removes anything that's mixed down the center and brings out anything that's panned left and right (creating a mono track of it, I believe). Usually you'll get keys and harmonies clearer this way, but it's worked for guitar for me on occasion. Beyond that, you can open up ReaEQ and boost the low mids (around where the 2 band is on the default setup), but that will only do so much.
  10. Alright, I'll probably do it on Youtube then. I can't promise any kind of schedule, though. I don't have any streams still up on my channel, but you can find my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GanonMetroid Thanks for the feedback!
  11. So, I've tried doing a few authoring streams just using Youtube, but since I didn't really advertise them, they didn't get much attention. So consider this both a promotion and a gauge of interest for them. If I were to do more, would people want to come watch? I guess I'm not sure how much interest there is. If I did do more, would you rather see them on Youtube or Twitch? Thanks, all! I may be about to do some charting now, so if you want it streamed, let me know.
  12. After all the tricks that there are to help isolate harmony tracks, there's a good chance you could still be trying to pick out a single pitch from a group of pitches, which can always be tough, especially if you're not used to listening for those kinds of things. Generally, harmonies are going to be a 3rd or 5th away from the main melody (so if the main melody is C, and the harmony is a 3rd above, it'll be on Eb or E. If it's a 5th, it'll be on G). You may occasionally get harmonies a 6th away or even a 4th on some occasions. If you know the key you're in, that helps too. Knowing the note
  13. If you hold Alt and click+drag the end of an audio track, you should be able to stretch and shrink it. Play around with that until they line up properly.
  14. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but here's a handy trick that solves any issues of note timings. Lay out the correct number of notes you need, regardless of where you need them. Just make sure it's the right pattern and all of the notes are directly back-to-back. Then highlight them all (right click+drag or ctrl+click). Hold down alt, and click the right (or left) edge of the notes, and drag it to wherever you want the pattern of notes to end. Boom. Highly customizable note quantizations. The only problem here is that often they can't be snapped to any of the grid options, especia
  15. BPM is not guaranteed to be consistent throughout the length of a song, and in fact will probably not be. Your best bet is to go through and find the BPM yourself as it changes.
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