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    Drumming, Rock Climbing, Longboarding, Playing guitar, and of course, Rock Band.
  1. I've been thinking about getting some drum parts down, but I have no hope of tracking guitar until Mikerisms posts his covers. He was the only reason I was able to figure out Frozen One. As for the other instruments (I.E vocals) I'm no help there. Either way if I do, I'd get to Bloodsucker, The Rattler, and Evaporate first [emoji16]
  2. The pinned thread "list of all authoring stuff" is all you'll need to get started. About a year ago I used it to get into charting, and while it took an initial dump of time, I got the hang of it eventually. For your first song i would recommend a relatively simple song that you know by heart, so that you don't have to expend much energy learning the parts. Good luck! Also, Reaper is definitely the way to go. Much easier and more efficient in the long run.
  3. Is Pksage's page down for anyone else? I currently can't access the RBN documents, as it seems his website is no longer active.
  4. Awesome, I'll get on that. I'm still new to sharing/editing existing charts, how would you prefer I go about it? Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  5. Figured I might as well get this started. 5/29 Currently on vacation and then moving into a new apartment, but once I'm settled down (sometime next week) I plan on releasing some more customs/adding drums to some charts. Chevelle - Family System 6/13 Oh man.. Dance Gavin Dance. Loved these guys for quite a while now, and then Mothership came out and just blew me away. Such a fantastic album. Sorry about the lack of vocals and bass. Vocals, I am still wildly inept at, and bass, well.. there's a lot going on in this song, and I couldn't really hear it all that much. Expect more where this
  6. Awesome work man, you're a true inspiration for customs. I don't wish to bother you too much about this, but I've sent you a few PMs regarding a few of your guitar-only charts, such as Dance Gavin Dance and Coheed. What is your stance on outsourcing drums? Obviously you are well equipped to chart drums, so I'm curious as to why the drums got neglected on these tracks. Anyways, I'm willing to chart drums for these tracks if you do not plan on it sometime in the future. So far I've only released one custom, so if you want you can check it out to appraise my drum charting.
  7. Thanks for the hard work man! I saw your post about the Writing Writer drum fill; if you need any more help with drum charts, I'd be willing to lend a hand! I think I'm gonna start charting drums for the numerous guitar only tracks in the database. Coheed is easily my favorite band, so I'll be glad to help. Keep up the good work! Also, what's the status on GA1? Super hyped to play that album.
  8. All is well. That did it! The tempo map is in desperate need of adjusting, but that is easily fixed. Again, thank you so much for the help! I'll post the track as soon as I'm done with it. Hopefully you're a Chevelle fan and can get some enjoyment out of this.
  9. Indeed it does! In fact magma pre-loads those files into the tracks for me upon creating a new project. Time to test and see if this works out.
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