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  1. Happy birthday and thank you for this awesome release.
  2. Sorry for the lack of replies to almost all of the questions. I was away and did not get any notifications. And honestly, I did not think anyone would be interested enough to dig up this thread I cant say that Im completely back yet, but small steps. First I will try to get my old stuff reuploaded (God save the Queen that is. Narcotic is back online already, warts and all). Red House was redone, completely and I can honestly say that I have never been proud of a guitar part before, but here I was. It was great just listening to the midi I made. And it is gone now. Stupid crash, my last back
  3. I am sure I uploaded that custom around the time the final C3 release was done.I will see if I still have it somewhere. Edit- this topic got me thinking back to that great House of Customs release a couple of Sears back. So much content, it was awesome.
  4. Topic moved to the correct forum.
  5. Please delete requested DLC from your post. A simple Google search before posting would not hurt either.
  6. Not banned, just a deleted post and a warning given.
  7. Okay, consider this your official warning. If you keep harassing the guy it is time for the hammer to fall.
  8. Sorry to read about your condition. I hope things pick up for you from here. -Thread locked by request of the OP-
  9. I have completed customs in eight hours. Other ones took- or are taking years. Im on version four of Everybody Needs Somebody and You Can Call Me Al for instance. The dumbest thing I did was chart for twenty for hours straight on the vocal part on a Funhouse collaboration. No sleep, eating in front of my laptop and -of course- not doing a good job because attention to detail is everything in charting
  10. Awesome, thank you very much! Cannot wait to check it out.
  11. Frankly, I doubt the adding of country -or any- request warrants negating the no bumping-rule.
  12. This. Between the two I have no preference.
  13. The scope of this pack is mindblowing and some members of the family (my five year old as well as my Gf) are going to go ballistic when they get to play these. Thanks a ton for this monster gift guys!
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