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  1. Every time I play more King Gizzard customs, I am amazed that such a spacey weedey LSD sounding band put out practically the best old-school thrash album of the decade. Those guys have serious range
  2. Holy shit, DKC songs, nice. Aquatic Ambiance is one of my favorite VG songs I'd love to see Stickerbrush Symphony someday
  3. Just played through the whole Stormrider album on guitar. I played the old versions too. The new ones are massive improvements, thanks for updating! I just noticed one problem. In Travel in Stygian around the middle, in the part where they're going "you owe us, you got what you wanted" etc the guitar chart just stops for like 20 seconds when a new guitar lead melody comes in. Seems like you meant to chart that melody becuase you stopped the chuggy shuffle power chords, but there isn't anything there at all. I assume that's not intentional?
  4. Thanks for these charts! SYL and DTP are some of my favorites. Just a small complaint; I played "Warrior" and there are a lot of notes that are HOPOs that I am sure are not intended to be. Primarily when there's two 16th note green notes in a row before a chord in the beginning, the second green is a HOPO. This happens in a bunch of places throughout the song. Doesn't really effect much, the chart still seems pretty unimpeachable apart from that.
  5. i.e. use con tools or something on an rb3 file to see a preview vid of the chart. Don't need to make any edits, it just takes a while for my 360 to load since my USB stick has like 3000 songs on it, so I want to quickly visually scan charts on my computer to see if they look OK before I bother putting them on my console. Edit: To be clear, I mean to view other people's rb3cons. Not my own. I won't have any project files.
  6. The only song by Weird Al that I really love but is still not on RB (as far as I can remember right now) is Cragslist. That'd be great for pro keys! But thanks for what you've done already
  7. NICE. Now I gotta figure out how to load customs and real songs at the same time so I can marathon through the album lol (assuming The Barren Sea comes eventually)
  8. No offence and I appreciate the work, but I really think things like Spoonman shouldn't have bass solo tags/sections if it's the same riff as they play in other sections. I know Harmonix laid the precedent but it always annoys me lol
  9. They aren't displayed as 0 ingame, they're displayed as nothing. Like those empty notes that you are supposed to be able to press any fret for Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Considering that these pro guitar versions don't even seem to be on the database, I'm probably the only one who will ever notice lol
  10. Okay, I snuck in a bit of time before I left my parent's house. Open Car and Shallow both worked on pro guitar, at least. Although I hadn't tested those to see if they DIDN'T work previously. I wanted to test Anesthetize, since it's the only one I actually checked (and it failed) before making this thread, but it didn't show up ingame. I had de-packed (using con tools) about 10 songs from that large pack Whizzer posted and put them on my RB3 USB. A few didn't show up, but I think it's due to the 3000 song limit, which I am very close to. For the first time in my life the game yelled at me ab
  11. Now that you mentioned it, I believe I downloaded these in your thread a long time ago. I just recently downloaded the versions from beard in the database, and those are the ones that didn't seem to work. I guess his versions are derived from yours? No idea. But thanks to everyone involved, of course. I probably won't be able to check if Whizzer's link works for a few weeks, as my Xbox stays at my parent's house, and I only visit them once or twice a month nowadays. But next time, I'll check and post back in this thread. As to accuracy... heck if I know. I don't really play guitar, I just
  12. Thanks a bunch! I'll try to load them in later, I am unfortunately not at home at the moment. Any idea if these will over-write the individual tracks I mentioned before? They weren't a pack. I guess it depends on the song ID? Well I'll see later.
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