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  1. Well, I said it was my first Chinese Democracy FC, and to this day, it remains my ONLY Chinese Democracy FC. So... read into that what you will.
  2. Great picks! Brother is also one of my favorite songs to drum, and There Was a Time was the first guitar FC I had on Chinese Democracy. This Love gets some play during parties, but that's about it. Enjoyed the video greatly! I like this series!
  3. Really digging the party tunes, as always. Thanks for an AMAZING two years, C3!
  4. Considering they were unable to re-up the Peppers tracks from BSSM and the two singles, I would be a little surprised if they had any songs on the RB4 disc. I would love to get some of their earlier stuff for the bass (Nobody Weird Like Me or Fight Like a Brave would be top notch), but I don't think it's gonna happen. I'd be surprised if we got ANY tracks from artists who've been pulled.
  5. It could also mean more of the Cars, or that we might get that Gary Numan song. Y'know the one. Cars.
  6. This wouldn't possibly be GnR's "Get in the Ring", would it?
  7. Bah! Here's to hoping you can get Peaches uploaded at some point!
  8. Well bummer on the Rose of Jericho. They're not terribly difficult songs to sing, but I find them a lot of fun. As for a new request... well, I'll just go with one of my straight up favorite songs of all time. "Peaches" by POTUS.
  9. Good or bad? I don't mind either way. Also, make a request! Definitely not bad! I enjoyed watching it. Also, for the request... well, I'm gonna hope you bust out the falsetto again. "Midnight Eyes (RB3 Version)" by Rose of Jericho.
  10. Just watched the Taylor Swift one and... dat falsetto tho
  11. Oh. My. Lord. I was just thinking about how much fun Remember the Name would be in Rock Band like a week and a half ago. This is awesome. Thanks a bunch Arc. Also, we now have all the pre-RB3 disc releases completed through RBHP. That's worth mentioning too, methinks. Awesome week all around.
  12. I would not define this pack "classic". Hey, we need to feed the appetite of those non mainstream listeners/hardcore players too! And that hint is very literal, very much so... I would be extremely happy if this ended up being a Jawbreaker song. So very very happy.
  13. Spent the last two hours just tyin' my shooooooooooe! That's definitely one of them. Love getting someone to sing that, they hardly ever make it through the song without laughing. As for my own guilty pleasures, Airplanes is up there along with See You Again, Party in the USA, I'm Going I'm Gone, and Die Young are always favorites for me. Pop is just too damn catchy not to enjoy playing and singing along to.
  14. Man, I want all of these, but I'm already sitting at over 2800 songs... Bah! I'll cherry pick. If I can figure out which songs to pass on.
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