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  1. Hi there, me and all my friends are guitarist/bassists and we all have our own instrument. What I'd like to be able to do is have us all connect our guitars to the game, then have two players just 'drop-out' leaving two to play the song, then swap over. Unfortunately I only seem to be able to connect 3 guitars simultaneously, with one having to log out entirely in order for the other to join. It's more of an inconvenience having to log-in and out all the time rather than a major issue, but it'd just be nice to enjoy a more 'fluid' and less stop/start evening Am I mi
  2. Obviously Death/Extreme Metal doesn't have the following of many of the more mainstream musical genres, but I'm genuinely surprised at how few of the 'Classic Era' bands from Earache Records (e.g. Entombed, Morbid Angel) and Roadrunner (eg. Sepultura, Obituary) are represented in the Custom Rockband community
  3. I searched both the db and the forum before I requested, so I'm pretty sure it's not here unles it's hidden really well!
  4. If it is multi-track I'd say that's the one - would you mind sharing please? Sounds great! Looking forward to it!
  5. Hi all, scanning through the Customs database I'm surprised to see that no one has ported ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man over from Warriors of Rock. This one I'd love to have if anyone has the skills and would be generous enough with their time to do the work Thanks!
  6. Hi, a little late to the party but just wanted to say how awesome that Death - Philosopher conversion is! Hoping for more Death Metal conversions!
  7. That's the midi extracted from GH2 - where should that be instead then?
  8. http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x180/Evil__Jeff/Reaper-1.png That's pretty much all there is to it, a guitar track as well and the MASTER track at the top. It's a GH2 conversion I'm trying first, so I'd hoped it'd be pretty straightforward...
  9. http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x180/Evil__Jeff/Reaper.png I've kept the EVENTS track deliberately as basic as possible - once I can successfully compile something I'll incorporate fancy lights, crowd singalongs, pyrotechnics, and all that other fun stuff later. As far as I can make out, with all my minutes of Reaper experience, it has just one track name and nothing is overlapping
  10. So you're a time traveler from the future, and we can use your statement to confirm that C3 continues on for years. Awesome Only in my dreams I've been downloading your releases off 360ISO for years at least anyway
  11. Hi all, been following C3 for years, but only now am I having a crack at creating my own material. By 'my own material' I actually mean converting older Guitar hero stuff to RB, so I'm adding already complete midis to Reaper and just extracting them again with the blind faith that this will work somehow. Well, surprise surprise it hasn't worked. Magma gives me the following error message when I attempt to build: ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (MIDI FILE): Multiple tracks share the name EVENTS I can personally vouch that there is only one track called EVENTS in Reaper - seriously, it has the exa
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