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  1. If your issue is with 5/4 itself*, then you can use the "T" instead of "Q" and it should work fine. If that issue resides within the 5/4 such that downbeats lining up causing misalignment within the measure, then you'll want to use a method similar to Ruby or myself where you can [more easily] subdivide measures. Otherwise, I'd assume the only way would be to use random smaller measures (ie, a 3/4 and 2/4 to make the 5/4 work), and then remove them after?
  2. Is the start of the roll (assuming that large waveform spike) rhythmically supposed to start on the 3rd beat? If so, then you'd want to adjust your tempo map to line up the hit at x.3.00. Basically, subdivide the tempo up within the measure. There are ways to do it if you know how; people reference a post I made a while ago with a different method for something just like this. Otherwise, you can always just manually do the map at those 2-4 markers depending how you do it. I subdivide measures all the time if the drummer isn't being consistent.
  3. Was kind of just busting balls on that one, ha. I'm not a fan of getting bpm from the internet since I've found it to be hit or miss on many occasions. I think it's less a problem for more modern songs which tended to be generally quantized already decently well, or just use a "perfect" drum machine anyways. I also tempo map out the first measure manually to see what it will* be, and then change the initial tempo to match that (rounding to the nearest .5). Nothing bothers my OCD more than seeing the count in happen at like 160 to have the first measure 146 or something. Yours was actually cl
  4. I believe there is already a shortcut under 'T' (similar to Q), that uses the similar method of Q where you put your cursor on the location you want... but it uses the "... new time signature" way. This is basically the same thing this is doing if you wanted to try it out. However, that works on a 1 by 1 basis. I tend to map in chunks, and the marker method lets you drop several markers at a time and then macro through them. Good for fixing measures that need to get split up quickly by half-measure or beat intervals.
  5. Alright, this is pretty sweet. Had the idea to do this myself at one point a long time ago, but never got around to it. Glad someone did! You (or someone likely) actually improved my original method a bit. I never actually put the first two marker actions in my macro, only the last 4 ones. I still personally place every marker by hand that I'm using, instead of doing it in the macro. However, I'm not actually for or against it either way. I usually do tempo mapping in "sections" to help with the ad nauseam. More so, I'll do intro markers, and then go back and spam the action. Then verse, ect
  6. I started working on Broken Out in Love (ie, Wyatt Family's "Live in Fear" after WWE bought the rights) which has bass and drums mostly done and guitar started I believe (?). I also have Glorious Domination tempo mapped and the drums started. I think I had intention a year or two ago to try and release a pack with those, The Rising Sun (Shinsuke's), and Catch Your Breath [Demon] (Finn's).... but it never came to fruition. If anyone wanted any work on those projects I have done already, feel free. I don't think I'm going to have the time to ever really sit down and knock them out.
  7. I had the idea a couple times to chart this out (it was originally planned for my Journey pack which I released back with the actual C3 Releases)... but I don't think it's incredibly simple, at least for me. There is basically one midi floating around the internet, which.... isn't great. I also had a hard time finding any reference for the keys. I think I still have the song tempo mapped if anyone wished to try and knock it out, it's just something I have time for anymore.
  8. Make sure "other" does actually refer to something other* than what options are given to you already. I know I've used it before to add: - A "keytar" version of a song for Guitar - A "Ghost Note" version of a song - A drum chart specifically for people who play on an eKit
  9. My personal setup: Pads: - Snare between the legs proper - Yellow Tom is directly above (and slightly to the left) of the snare. This lets you hit the Yt easily with your left hand when necessary, and allows hitting patterns like RYBK correctly. - Green Tom is setup as a floor tom proper (aprox. the same height as the snare off on the right) - Blue Tom in between Yellow and Green where you'd expect Cymbals: 1) Hi-hat "Yellow" on the left 2) Small "Blue" cymbal right next to the hi-hat (for open-hat accents basically) 3) Green "Crash" on left above the two hats 4) Ride "Blue" on the right 5
  10. If you don't have a physical second pedal setup yet, I would avoid 2x charts. There's a reason they exist, and it's to play a chart meant for specific physical equipment. It's not impossible, but in most cases, it's highly disincentivized. HMX got away with charting a decent amount of double bass parts on one pedal for "blast" sections and such (especially for the provided stock pedal on the RB kit), but 2x on here usually means there are either streams of alternating feet sections, or blasts consisting of 3+ kicks.
  11. The song's tempo doesn't seem that fast at all, so it's likely less a problem even more due to that. In the end, the standards are usually the way to go... and that's coming from someone who tends to break them himself whenever possible ha
  12. I think* you are just referring to a disco flip section where there are left-hand snare hits still? At least, it's what it sounds like when listening to the early part of the music clip. That's just an unfortunate part of the RB kit. Stock users without cymbals need to paradiddle them. The main usage for a disco flip is when both hands are alternating on the hi-hat and there is snare in the same stream (without any gaps) to give stock players the best chance of playing them as naturally (ie, alternating hands) as possible. Don't fudge around that, and just chart it as it is. Edit: C
  13. In terms of things I've physically published or been a part of helping to chart. These either have a lot of fun Tom-play, cymbal variety sections, or just generally fun patterns for drums. Apologies that it's mostly Rush I've worked on lol Neil Peart - Pieces of Eight Rush - By-Tor and the Snow Dog Rush - Scars Rush - Clockwork Angels [Medleys Pt. 1 & 2] (specifically off that album: Caravan (Album Version), Clockwork Angels, Carnies, and The Wreckers) Rush - Show Don't Tell Journey - Stone in Love Rush - Der Trommler ^ If you enjoy punishment More Rush I've helped on: - Leave That T
  14. Basically, yup. Ha Following up though, in terms of my personally charted customs, here's what I believe I got for you: Neil Peart - Pieces of Eight Rush - A Farewell to Kings Rush - By-Tor and the Snow Dog Rush - Clockwork Angels [Medley] Pt.1 & Pt.2 Rush - Far Cry Rush - La Villa Strangiato Rush - Scars Rush - Show Don't Tell Rush - The Wreckers Styx - The Grand Illusion As for songs that I either collab'd on or helped chart the drums for that I can remember: Rush - Limbo Rush - Lock and Key
  15. Go into the Customs Database and download the 'Other Files' for either Rush - Far Cry or Taco - Puttin' on the Ritz. Both of those are mine. In the Other Files I provided a "second version" of the released song for people that wanted to play it. The download for each is a .zip file which has instructions for patching a con file (since that's what you have to do for mine). Just replace the names for everything with what you are working on, and that should tell you everything you need to do. If you still have a freezing issue after, you might have altered something on accident in the .mid wh
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