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  1. I moved the playlist and also removed the RBN songs since they are no longer available. I will update this daily. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6C63nJz5KVR8hXOYkBOo4z?si=ZFdJA4ZrTo6bpR2nIyYBow
  2. I should probably split it up by source. Spotify only handles 10k playlist limits.
  3. Hi guys, I finally got around to this! Here is a start. Some songs aren't in spotify but I will work on figuring it out. https://open.spotify.com/user/128484800/playlist/02caJKWRqFCneERvjNX1nG?si=C4sljDIuQCmcqfmy3d0fXg This will be a great way to discover new songs you may not have ever thought to download!
  4. I would have been done by now if I wasn't lazy
  5. Man, I wish the DLC was backwards compatible. I would buy it and the full game if that option were available.
  6. This song has a pretty fun drum part, I think drummers would love it. Also, since it's a Cantrell song, the guitar work and vocals are great. The bass line might be a little easy, but this is a pretty good song. Thanks!
  7. Is there an API? I'd like to make a song list, similar to karaoke. I want to apply certain filters before just sending out a raw list. Ideas? Thank you!
  8. This is a great idea! Is this still active? Seems this was ahead of its time.
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