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  1. Just a few more vocal charts and reductions to finish up. Yes, All difficulties, all instruments. It's getting close.
  2. added Toadies "I Come from the Water" to the database pretty much all the new items I'm working on are in the SomeOldGuys wip thread. 'The Chats' pack - 75% done stay frosty pony boy
  3. I have a feeling your wish for a VH pack will be granted very very very soon.
  4. Kinda wish I skipped this thread
  5. Make your own version just for your own enjoyment.
  6. I don't quite get what's happening but this is pretty exciting news Edit: holy shit it works
  7. Happy to report that Monster Truck will appear courtesy of SomeOldGuys as a part of their upcoming Canada Pack #0000001. No ETA unfortunately as we are all professionals with families and we like to work at our own pace.
  8. + Published fixes for "Spiritual Pollution" and "Assoholic". + added "Head over Heels" by the Go-Go's to WIP by popular request.
  9. Facebook Marketplace - I get just about everything from there (the rest from local pawn shops). I think I've picked up around 20 guitars in the last year alone. Another tip: I have multiple ads running in a few 'video game buy/sell' groups, the ads basically say "In search of Rock Band / Guitar Hero guitars", the ads themselves have brought me a handful of free guitars and people selling different kits and collections. Here's the my latest marketplace purchase from August 30th, the 2007 Peavy Riffmaster.
  10. update: Posted The Sheepdogs "Up in Canada" & "Raised on Robbery" and a track from the side project BROS "Tell Me". The Chats pack is next. Cheers!
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