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  1. I don't know why it's not working again, I tought you fixed that one the way I told you. I have the version which I've made on my google drive, but I don't know if it's gonna work with new con tools, but you can try to convert that one with old con tools. I still have that fixed con file I've made, but I'm not sure it would work with new con tools, as when I had problems I've been using old one, so if it's not working try old con tools. Link for my version of the song The Kinks - You Really Got Me https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7IltJ ... sp=sharing
  2. did you try converting .con file with latest con tools with option fix looping error while converting?
  3. I have problems with 2 songs which gives me unable to load song error even with type 2 encryption: Silversun Pickups - There's No Secrets This Year R.E.M. - The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
  4. Well you can do the testing on your own the way I did. You need to create a 16 channel song with some random stereo wav samples placing them into magma (6 drum channels, 2 guitar, 2 bass, 2 keys, 2 vocals, 2 backing). You can use any midi file from any of the broken songs...as they support 16 channels for example strangers, the rhyme, marry the night... then compile it in magma c3 rock edition. It would probablly make your ps3 hang in the menu, or durring the song. Then just copy original v2 magma's ogg encoder into magma c3 rock edition, open the same song, and your song should work. You
  5. Well I can't recompile it without having decrypted .mogg files from the broken songs, so I could place them in magma with old ogg encoder and test them.
  6. can you try to compile one of the broken songs with the original ogg encoder so other ps3 users can test it out as well, so we can confirm that is the problem? Or you can make a tool that would re-encode broken moggs?
  7. Good news.... replacing original ogg encoder made the song play fine
  8. okey I'll give it a shot and let you know what result is.
  9. haha feel free to rob me off, I think I've done a lot of work.... had some free time as I was sick and got a week of free days. As my brain is on a power backup I'm out of ideas... maybe the cause of problem is in ogg encoder?
  10. Well the only thing different that I've noticed when I've run both files into song analyzer and comparing the .mogg files from both versions is the size difference. Magma c3 rock edition audio file size is 41.53 mb Magma original version 34.94 mb
  11. Well maybe if some of ps3 users is a programer and can look inside magma and see what process is wrong can maybe help out. I've posted the link of both identical .moggs one is working, and other isn't both are 16 channels..
  12. okey sorry if you find yourself hurt I think you did a lot of work for ps3 users and I appreciate it a lot, and I'm also trying to help and spend a lot of my free time to find the problem. I've isolated the problem a lot and seems like no one appreciate my work. Well here are ps3 users so I'll let them test both the files I've made and are identical just passed trough 2 different magma. One was with c3 rock edition and one with original. The one created with original plays without any problems all the way trough the end, while the c3 rocks edition gets stuck at beginning.... Sorry but I'
  13. Well as you know that problem with those songs is not a new one, it exists for more then a year ago when we found out about that kind of problem with the songs she will be loved, Harder to breathe, Somebody That I Used to Know, Bless My Show. I'm telling you that making the same 16 channel song with original magma V2 works, while doing it with your version makes song corrupted or freezing in the menu. I know the facts... and I don't know where the problem is. I can't tell you where or why it is happening, I just know that when I run the song trough original v2 magma it plays fine with (6
  14. Update: Okey I have update my testing, it seems the problem is not in .mogg files at all, or ps3 supporting 16 channels! I've isolated the problem! It is inside your version of Magma rock edition. I don't know if your old or previous versions of magma did the same, but somehow your version of magma c3 rock edition is doing something wrong that ps3 isn't liking when creating 16 channels mogg. Sometimes but in very rare situations your version of magma makes those 16 tracks work, but most of time it fails to do it proper way! I've converted the songs that gave me errors with original mag
  15. That's what was bothering myself as well, as I know ps3 supports 16 channels but seems like not all the time. I can't tell you why cause I couldn't figure out why some 16 channels tracks in some occasions was bothering ps3. I had random results some played fine, some got corrupted in the middle of the song and some got frozen in the menu. Well yes I had all stereo samples tracks, and I only changed kick track to mono others always stayed in stereo and then it's playing fine. When I had 6 tracks in drums I had problems. The thing I'm 100% sure is that when I placed it in format with 15 trac
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