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  1. Got the controller right when RB3 came out, only used it a handful of times since then. Comes with a handy carrying case for storage too Been following C3 for a couple of years now, and given the customs community still going strong, this would be the best chance to post an ad like this (given this kind of thing is allowed here)
  2. I've tried this by putting King Crimson's In the Court of the Crimson King in one pack, only to have my xbox not recognize the file and any of the songs in-game. Is there a specific way you guys are making your packs that I should know about?
  3. Hi everyone: I haven't posted much on the forums, but I've used customs from this website for sometime now and they work wonderfully. I just ran into the 256-song bug on Party Buffalo and am looking for other software to load customs. Could someone: 1. Explain how to load customs on Modio/wxPirs/something else, 2. Explain how to package customs into a single CON file with the C3 CON Tools, OR 3. Explain how to bypass the bug on Party Buffalo (if possible) Thanks guys, and keep up the good work with the releases
  4. Thanks guys. Kind of a noob question to ask, but the friendly advice is appreciated
  5. Whenever I try to download .rar files (a lot of older C3 releases, such as the giant GHtoRB3 pack, are .rar files), they show up as corrupted files on my xbox hard drive. So I assumed I needed RB3Maker to get them to work. But my computer doesn't accept RB3Maker.
  6. So I downloaded RB3maker from the thread on this board containing the link, but my computer won't allow me to open it. It keeps saying "Contact the application vendor." Any advice?
  7. Hey C3 community. Love you guys and appreciate all the work you put into these customs. I've just started downloading customs from C3, and I've followed all the rules (I think) to install Party Buffalo, Magma, etc. But everytime I download RB3maker, I get a notification from my computer saying "the file isn't safe and has been removed." I haven't gotten this problem with any other customs-related software. Is it a problem with my computer? Am I not downloading RB3maker correctly? I'd love some help from you guys.
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