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  1. sorry to sound like a novice but I'm interested in this tool, I've read a little a bit but not much i don't understand how to use this to solve my problem ? does this mean that even if i have a bad file it will still load up in visualise like its fine ?
  2. yes i get the idea i did exactly this as i went through everything removed all my customs from internal checked them all and put them all back into the internal hdd roughly around 1200/1300 in total then i had about 85 left to put back i did it about 25 to 30 at a time all fine i got down to the last 12 added 5/6 fine then i just added 3 at a time thats when it froze, got them check out turns out nothing wrong with those 6 what I'm saying is every time i think I've narrowed it down it alludes me now I've psychically checked each file on the custom stick straight to visualise all
  3. i get you i tried doing that splitting them down trying however many at a time to weed out bad files i even got it down to last half a dozen i hadn't tried problem is soon as you upset the cache it doesn't matter what you try to add or replace from what I've seen i literally had it fine finally then i add one custom like power rangers ninja storm theme and game freezes on load up ...i tested it in visualise before i put it on the usb im fairly sure that custom isn't the issue theres got to be something else because when it freezes with brand new customs not even part of the original probl
  4. I've gone through all of them and checked for duplicates all of them load like they should do, i wont add any custom that doesn't load up on visualise ever since this incident thats why I'm so stumped because I've tested and replaced every custom the song cache is only on the internal hdd i don't have caches on either of the sticks and the harmony upgrade package like wise is only on the internal hdd i literally took everything off replaced with new, removed any duplicates or bad files and its still not behaving this is why i need help i don't know what psychically else to try do
  5. yes I'm certain i have both a tu5 stick and tu4 stick thats not the issue basically i have all dlc with some customs(old ones no current updates for them) on the internal hdd so i build song cache with tu5 stick with the harmony dummy and upgrade packs, then put the hdd in and move the song cache with upgrades to the internal hdd then build the cache more let the game do its thing come out delete the dummy package and then go back into game to make sure its fine turn off tu5 stick out (but leave the cache and upgrade in the internal HDD) stick tu4 stick in usually builds the c
  6. Please guys help me im still no closer to figuring out my problem I've posted numerous times and no one who knows this system way a million times better than i do has come out to help me! Game freezes on load up with customs Yes i am aware its probably no doubt a bad file somewhere I have gone through testing every custom on my internal hard drive and removed all bad files I've gone through every file on my usb stick and removed every single bad or suspect bad file I've almost redownloaded every custom i have and replaced it I've made sure theyre all named properly or don't hav
  7. I understand what you mean now and no, right so this tu4 stick i started using it way back when on an actual windows laptop which died now, that has tu4 and where i first put my first customs, cos of this i need to use velocity on mac to read the stick i can't just read that stick like any old usb i tried to start using a new usb this morning, which velocity will not read like my original tu4 stick and I've since seen the 4kb corrupt files of customs so i wont be using that stick unless i can get it to use velocity (which is a shame cos the new stick is much bigger 64gb unlike my original 1
  8. What do you mean ? 4kb and Where will i find it ?
  9. First off is it essential on the file name ending in _rb3con ? i made sure they all were and is there any issues xbox doesn't like ? (spaces or - or ( ) number of characters etc) yeah i tried that delete cache and rebuild.....in fact i even deleted them all off the stick and just added a batch of customs at a time and i thought i almost narrowed down the suspected dodgy custom to the last 12 customs or so now I'm starting to wonder maybe its the USB stick itself thats naff/corrupted in some way or velocity not working like it should (I've replaced the TU4 incase that had been corrupted w
  10. sadly removing the .dms solved nothing ! but i did res removing all customs on the usb and just loaded up with tu4 stick but everything on hdd and loaded fine so its clearly something in these 85
  11. I've done some digging i think its literally just a apple safari problem ...chrome doesn't do this i will try today if they has resolved the issue...however the issue may be something else
  12. i don't know why they do it but i just download them on here using mac thats what they download as here show another example just as a test downloaded the latest two customs today billy talent and knocked loose BT i renamed manually to shorten (cos i believe xbox throws a wobbly with length of file name) and i also took out .dms and added _rb3con (another question does renaming them here cause an issue?) then download the other one i didn't change a thing so you can see what it says, take a look
  13. i think I've found the reason why it does .dms at the end because when i download them from where ever it classes them as .dms like a zipped/unachived file, when i cut the .dms out to just _rb3con then they go from brown zipped like files to plain white i know I'm probably a pain for having a mac but its all i have
  14. ok il try that for info purposes that I've seen for years, i use velocity on mac because don't have good access to windows when i add these 85 does 84 without crashing adds the 85th and freezes
  15. Hello I've posted numerous times for help game freezing on load up I've tried EVERYTHING! now most of my customs (about 1000) on HDD with my dlc a harmony upgrade, i create song cache with TU5 cos of dani california and black hole sun....... .... this is fine game loads ( but i know i can't play the customs cos its TU5) Now switch usb sticks loading up with TU4 stick ......freeze I use Xbox 360, Theres only 85 songs on this tu4 stick (so if I'm correct the issue is this stick) I gone through everything deleted duplicates or previous versions on the internal HDD, checked the file name
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