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  1. Yeah, it reached 1.49MB with the venue, full reductions, animations... I had to use a midi override.
  2. Nonagon Infinity is finally complete! Thanks to MrPrezident for authoring vocals on Robot Stop. I made a full, 42-minute version and also split the album in two parts, like I did with Polygondwanaland. Also, the whole album has custom venues. Robot Stop Big Fig Wasp Gamma Knife People-Vultures Mr. Beat Evil Death Roll Invisible Face Wah Wah Road Train Nonagon Infinity (full album) Nonagon Infinity (Part 1: Robot Stop, Big Fig Wasp, Gamma Knife, People-Vultures) Non
  3. Magma - K.A. I (Köhntarkösz Anteria part 1) Okay this one was particularly long to make. Harmonies and pro keys in particular took me a very long time, but I'm glad it's finally done. First Magma song in the database! I'm planning on doing De Futura as well, but that one is also long (17 minutes long to be exact). Should be fun nonetheless.
  4. Hey! Here's a bunch of upgrades of customs by beard. There will be more coming eventually because singing harmonies on System of a Down is so much fun. Next one I'm working on will be ATWA. Make sure to grab the alternate versions in the database! System of a Down - Roulette System of a Down - Holy Mountains System of a Down - Mr. Jack System of a Down - Vicinity of Obscenity System of a Down - Kill Rock 'n Roll
  5. Thanks for reminding me about this song, actually! 😀 That's when I realized it was never charted and should have been made years ago.
  6. Two additions for RB3's tenth anniversary! I have also a bunch of vocal/harmonies upgrades for System of a Down songs that will be posted by beard very soon. Gang of Four - Damaged Goods [ Converge - Sadness Comes Home Original drum chart by JackDaMaster. Drums, guitar, bass by guyshenig. Reductions, venue, fixes by me.
  7. Hey! I reviewed your custom and wrote some feedback. Usually what you would do is use your right hand to play the ride while your left hand moves around the kit (tom 1, tom 2, floor tom), you can see what I mean in the drum animations I've added. I'll come back to it later. RPP First, you can use Fugg's template which fixes some issues with the current "official" template. Drums: It's kind of hard to hear if it's a hi-hat or a ride because of the mixing and the tambourine. You can hear the ride slightly in the right ear during verses, and I think it's quarter notes, otherwise it wou
  8. Oh Sees - The Dream A few notes about this custom: - I used "Oh Sees" even though it was released as "Thee Oh Sees". The band keeps changing names but I would rather have them under the same name in-game. If I chose "The Oh Sees" it would have been under the letter O, but with "Thee Oh Sees" it would be under T. I'd rather avoid the confusion and use "Oh Sees". - There's actually one single chord on keyboard that lasts for over 5 minutes, I decided against charting it for obvious reasons.
  9. Working on The Dream right now, and I updated my list: Oh Sees The Dream(TM, drums, bass, guitar) King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Road Train (TM, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, reductions) Robot Stop (collab with MrPrez, TM and drums are done) Cardiacs Dog-Like Sparky Venus VNR Veleda (TM, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, reductions) Ty Segall The Singer (TM, drums) Poil Tronche à cul (collab with Sheep, TM, drums, bass, vocals, harms, reductions) Shoji Meguro Beneath the Mask (Persona 5) (TM, drums, bass) Magma De Futura (TM,) I will also b
  10. You don't need multitracks, most customs are single-tracked. DIY stems with spleeter or RX7 is becoming a trend I don't necessarily like or find useful. If you struggle to hear a part (bass, especially), it can be helpful to use plugins like ReaPitch or bassmanager, or try your luck with spleeter, but results may vary and sometimes it can be more misleading than anything (maybe you would hear cymbals and subtle nuances less with the file spleeter gave you). There's actually many people who prefer single-tracked vs. multitracks, too.
  11. 4 new ones already! Nonagon Infinity is nearly complete, just Robot Stop (collab with MrPrezident) and Road Train left (instruments charted, missing reductions, venue etc.). King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Mr. Beat King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Evil Death Roll King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Invisible Face King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Wah Wah
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