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  1. I'm currently working on a song from Tokio Hotel i'm hopeing to have drums , talky vocals and guitar, will attempt bass if i can find a way to hear it so far its going smooth hopeing i can get this tempo map down
  2. i read something like a project extractor from rb3con files i was interested in it cus the tempo map would still be good i'm just not able to tempo map to save my life so was going to try that if there was a way to extract the files and yes Always credit to the authors
  3. i see a few songs on the catalog i would love to add parts for usually contacting the author does nothing but i thought i read somewhere you can take a song and add parts to it im mostly aiming at talky vocals but heres how i figure it better something then nothing
  4. would love to see natewantstobattle for rock band
  5. i think my problem is i don't know how to find the tempo of a song i think i get it up until there
  6. Orianthi was fun to play on the guitar +1 for sure
  7. +1 would love to see Bad Girl featuring Marilyn Manson
  8. Thanks will give the video a watch
  9. would anyone be interested in tempo mapping a few songs for me so i can author them tempo mapping is the only thing throwing me off
  10. its not done yet i was just checking if anyone would give it a shot the song is Snow Angel by Kotoko i haven't really started it i just curious about playtesters
  11. I have a question theres a few songs i wanna do but they have keys and i don't have the keyboard instrament to test them out would anyone here be willing to test them out if i put the effort in making them just a warning the songs i wanna do are Jpop
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