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  1. So I actually did some testing: Alphanumeric song ids DO work! And online too! I tried it with Nuclear by Mike Oldfield and This Night of Ours by Pinkie Guy, so if you want to see for yourself, check those files, you can check the structure of the file in the Con tools as usual, and you can see that I used the original song ids used in the RB3 customs. I think they weren't working for gigakoops due to the other thing he forgot that makes multiple work together. And they definitely work online. I just played both of them with a friend. Also I edited the OP with a smoother tutorial on conve
  2. Can you send them to me? I'll look at them Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah from the sounds of things, the game treats all letter ids as though they're the same. Try to avoid using them in the future. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  4. I don't know, I tested it recently and letters in the id should work...although i never tested multiple at the same time though. That might be an issue...
  5. Only thing I can say is try reloading the song cache, same way you do for rb3 but in rb2 obviously
  6. Check the OP, I updated with a link on how to convert which includes making them compatible for multiple at once as well as album art, courtesy of Meta123. Just start at the magma building part for the whole compatibility part. (The Album art is just the <songid>_keep.png_xbox file in the gen folder btw)
  7. Alright, I told rocker to remove it from the sheet. Should be gone relatively soon (I'm not able to do it myself quite yet).
  8. I don't know why Rocker decided to do it. I was talking with him WHILE he did it too. I was just talking and he kept saying "Why am I doing this." I always had the same response. "I have no idea."
  9. So for anyone interested, here's a link to a spreadsheet that contains all the songs we've already converted, as well as a sheet with requests on it. There is a form at the top of the main sheet the will take you to the form that will allow you to make a suggestion. Please, check before making a suggestions if it's already there. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G90FZZVwHt3O_t9Wr0NH5BY64fnKCb1-dpXQHnWi81E/edit?ts=574caa7d#gid=0
  10. I'm not really that worried about how venues work. I never really pay attention to the background. But if you do figure something out, feel free to spread the word!
  11. We've actually started on customs conversions and have about 20 done. Some are from Legacy C3 but majority of the others are from the current customs database. The main issue is it's very time consuming to convert them (more than like not as much as making them originally obviously, but it's an annoying process to say the least.
  12. The rbntools reaper install thingy actually includes the rbn1 reaper template. Although technically you don't need any template to do it. You can do it all just importing the midi directly into REAPER (how I usually do it).
  13. Yes, you read that title right. Rock Band 2 Customs were found recently. And I'm not talking audition mode or something like that. Customs much like how we do with Rock Band 3. Except with one added thing... Online! It was original discovered in this video by Acai28. A couple days later, he made this video giving further details on how you get them and how they work. Basically, the current (after fine tuning some of Acai's methods and modernizing them) process is generally this: Take midi and fix it up for RB2 (i.e remove keys and other extraneous tracks, remove non-rb2 compatible notes) R
  14. For the first error: Uh huh. Cause that's supposed to do that. /sarcasm For the rest of these errors: Yes there are. There are gems in all of those difficulties. In all of those places. Wanna know how I know? BECAUSE THE LOWER DIFFICULTIES HAVE THE SAME EXACT NOTES AS EXPERT. This shit has started happening whenever I try to do something recently. What the hell. Here's the mid if you think I'm lying about them having the same exact notes (save for medium and easy not having forced notes obv)
  15. This is the line in magma where things screw up. MIDI Compiler: Validating... MIDI Validation failed: (noteOnTime == NOTE_OFF) MIDI: The previous failure caused the following failure: MIDI Validation failed: (ValidateMidiChannelEvent(eventType)) ERROR: MIDI Compiler: Validation failed; corrupted file.Is there a way to fix this?
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