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  1. Thank you for your answers! I really appreciate. I'll give a try at paradiddle. Even if I end up not using it, I think it's always good to have more tools to help you! More possibilities! I think I totally missed the Paradiddle Tutorial included in Rock Band 3, so that's gonna be a good start. And yeah, I understand the dilemma between realism and playability for charters. I charted only one song and it took me like 30 hours (and I didn't even programmed the animations). So big respect for charters! But as my GF loves to play Pop/dance/electro songs, I think I understand better why I face th
  2. First of all, sorry if this topic already exists : I have no idea how to describe what I'm looking for in the search bar. So I encounterd a few songs that include a pattern/beat/drum sequence (I don't know how to call that) that looks like this : hi-hat | hi-hat | hi-hat | hi-hat | hi-hat | ... | hi-hat | hi-hat | HI-HAT + SNARE | ... With a speed already forcing me to hit the hi-hat with both of my drumsticks (otherwise that wouldn't be an issue). So how do you achieve that? Are there any tricks to do this effectively? I have no problem doing this if I only have to hit the snare at
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