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  1. Hype for the Bon Jovi songs!! Really hope some of those will be full band (hopefully all) Great Job as always sir 😬😬😬
  2. 5.Alex Van Halen 4.Phil Collins 3.Keith Moon 2.Mike Portnoy 1.R.I.P The Greatest one: Neil Peart
  3. I have to say... These are GREAT songs and I'm very excited to play them Great work Thank you for all your effort! 😊😊😊
  4. +1 Triumph Rocks! Hold On Never Surrender Magic Power My Fav songs
  5. Three of my favorite Queen songs (each deserves FB treatment) - Ogre Battle - The March of the Black Queen - Brighton Rock (well this is already in the DB but its incomplete- so for this one I'm asking for an upgrade)
  6. Amazing work with these tracks!!! Is Harrold The Barrel in the works?
  7. I've always think that this type of music is one of the fun genres to play in RB Proof: All the Dream Theater songs out there (all of them very fun to play - even with their challenging music) But i think that this genre needs more presence in Rb ( in this case C3) - Especially these great bands Seventh Wonder * Fates Warning * Simphony X Circus Maximus Pagan's Mind * Especially hoping for these bands to have maybe two or more songs (FB if possible) Thanks.
  8. Cant enter to the Genesis chronicles page- "Page doesn't exists" Whats the problem?
  9. Amazing band with lots (and I mean LOTS) of talent in each member Farottone put two of their most popular albums in the database, but I think there are still mannyyyyy Mr.Big songs to play and enjoy (fun in every instrument guaranteed) i would suggest these albums What If Actual Size Defying Gravity (2017 album)
  10. No news on This dying soul? u.u
  11. And.. what about parts? like 4 parts of 3 songs each part
  12. Personally i Love the 70s yes - big fan of progressive rock , best if it comes with great harmonies But i didn't take 80s yes as a dissapointment - I also love great hooks and as i said HARMONIES! (90125 is brilliant in these aspects) But for me.. the combination of these decades of yes (progressive songs , and great chorus while mantaining superb harmonies) can be found on The Ladder! Amazing album (also big fan of Magnification , but prefer keys in a Yes album) I truly do believe that this album deserves a full band treatment (you can hear that all instruments are and will be very fun to
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