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  1. Anybody planning on making any customs from this fantastic album?
  2. Hey guys, I've been a longtime lurker of these forums and been enjoying playing customs for many years. I would say that i have developed a larger passion for music through my Rock Band Custom venture as i have discovered many great tunes that i would have never known about before. I started making customs the other day and i find it to be a lot of work but also lots of fun! Anyways now that i'm done with introductions, i thought i'd let people know my current plans: Current Releases/WIP: Aerosmith - Fly Away From Here (Needs other instruments and vocals charted) Daughtry -What I Want (Fea
  3. Hey guys, i came across a very old video of mine that features an old custom of "Only The Young" by Journey however searching for this song on this site yields no results, idk if its Mandela effect or something but i swear to god i got it from here way back in the day... whatever happened to this custom? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qJ3pTx8ELg
  4. A buddy of mine named "GuitarHeroNerd" who is part of the Clone Hero Live 6 Fret project is slowly going through converting GHTV songs to 5 Fret, i received a copy of "Flavor of the Weak" by American Hi-Fi from him already ready for RB3 if you'd like to take a look.
  5. Wow! Lots of great stuff here! Mainly looking forward to the RCHP project along with Oasis
  6. +1 Hell Yes would be fun as well.
  7. +1 I always wanted the OG version as a custom as well. The GHA version is awful.
  8. Looked at the Rod Stewart customs available and was utterly shocked that "Maggie May" wasn't available lol
  9. Hmmm...might as well fill up this topic with some more requests since it's already made. Some other songs i would love to play as customs on RB would be: Aerosmith: Jaded, Big Ten Inch Record, No More No More, You See Me Crying, Amazing AFI: The Lost Souls, The Prayer Position Alkaline Trio: Hell Yes, This Addiction American Hi Fi: Flavor Of The Weak Atreyu: Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor) The Audition: Don't Be So Hard(Studio Or Acoustic Version) Billy Idol: Flesh For Fantasy Black Flag: TV Party Blink 182: Strings, Fentoozler, Toast & Bananas, Does My Breath Smell? , Wa
  10. Sorry Simple probably wasn't the best choice of words here, i don't know anything about charting or how the method of doing it is.
  11. I have a very simple request, for somebody to chart one of my all time favorite songs from Journey. "I'll Be Alright Without You" from 1986's "Raised On Radio" I've been lurking around these boards for a long time and i believe somebody was working on it a while ago? I'm not exactly sure but it would be really cool if somebody could chart this song as i'm sure i'm not the only one who has requested more Journey! lol
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