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  1. There is two customs I've found so far one is The Battle theme from Persona 4 Golden and A remix from Persona 4 dancing all night.
  2. Strapping Young Lad? Devin Townsend? Between The Buried and Me? and GREAT choices hell yeah!
  3. I actually am going to do soon Robot Stop and People/Vultures but only unpitched vocals since that's all I do right now I'd rather want full band myself but you bet you will see at least a Robot Stop one done soon. King Gizzard is the shit.
  4. FUCK YES thank you so much for Sound Check! and all of it! but mainly sound check! whole pack going to my xbox
  5. I'd love it if we could have these 3 and if anyone IS charting them let me know so I don't start haha (Persona 5- Life Will Change) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt594nYBPQA (Persona 5-Last Surprise) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kOLqt5nKL0 (Persona 5-Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx8BUNQiomU
  6. Can you use in any shape or form more than 3 USB microphones for RB? I realize at the most there is only 3 vocal lines charted because of harmonies but is there a way to register a fourth mic just for audio sake?
  7. I really recommend buying those Laser Light's from Ebay or amazon you can get a whole bunch of different varied lights that work for any occasion outside of rock band for a good price.
  8. This is good to know because I kept messing in reaper with other settings but all it took was refreshing the build. now I might actually keep charting harmonies haha
  9. This is a stupid question and I looked at the authoring video that's in the tool section and I'm even looking back at the template but I charted in HARM2 even made the track name HARM2 and used the HARM2 dry vocal while in magma and whenever I put the song in the game it doesn't recognize that it has harmonies when I try to play it.
  10. Yeah, I decided to grab one I found on E-Bay for $30 bucks I will at some point try to grab a RB2 drum kit so it can be wireless and maybe add cymbals for pro but I'm mostly just grabbing it to bring to my friends for our rock band parties and the portable one is neat even if it requires some setup.
  11. Does anyone own it? if so is it worth it? it's much cheaper than the drum kits I can't really lug around my E-Kit so I'm looking for something well "portable".
  12. Managing to setup a Rock Band party at a friend's house last year with neat speakers and lights that react to music that I got off of Ebay in a little shed converted into a place for us people to have fun and drink in. Just seeing everyone step up to the microphones and sing was my proudest moment even that one person who you know never sings until they get drunk and it's glorious.
  13. Ooh any Swans or Chemical Brothers would be rad.
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