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  1. Very nice assortment, thanks for all the time and effort
  2. Answered his (DIFFICULT) question inside 5 hours of his post - admirable and nicely done. Two weeks later, OP hasn't returned to thank you - poor manners at best.
  3. Incredible stuff! Great work everyone!!! I'm buyin' me a bus and I'm following the tour!!!
  4. Amazing work here - thank you all for these. The combined effort involved is staggering. Filter - "Take a Picture" is in the DB from 2013 "converted by Kalecgos." Bansheeflyer's version is not in the DB but is currently downloadable from this thread. (Thanks, BTW, I love this song) EDIT* Also missing are "Astronomy", "LaGrange", "Crash Into Me", "Faith". They are all DL-able from this thread though.
  5. Astromony - Woo Hoo! And "The End" is awesome too! Haven't played in almost a year, but still excited.
  6. September 21 2018 is exactly 10 years and one week after the release of RB2. The Roman numeral X = 10. That's the best I've got.
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