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  1. I just finished converting and re-uploading, so if you could test any (or all!) the following: Songs with "corrupted sounds during playtime" problem: Linkin Park - Burning in the Skies Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul Songs with "freezing in song library" problem: Black Sabbath - After Forever * Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know (ft. Kimbra) John Mellencamp - Hurts So Good Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe OK Go - Get Over It Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love That's the most current list I found on this thread, so if I missed an
  2. Just fixing up all the broken audio songs today, should have them ready to go in a few hours.
  3. Sorry again for being away so long...work and life caught up with me again. Still don't have a PS3, but it shouldn't be too much longer. Just took a look at stairway to heaven, and I remember that being a song that worked for me in the past...so for it to not work all of the sudden is very bizarre. I want to point out that any time I would get the "unable to load song, skipping" error, it was due to a file being renamed, or a mismatch in file name and dta. I would assume no one is renaming any files, but I know that can be a factor. I'll take a look at the other songs and see if anything ju
  4. Try this one: http://www.mediafire.com/download/69p46 ... d.edat.zip
  5. Hi folks. Sorry I haven't been around to be of assistance (and thanks to Nemo for stepping up and helping). I've been super busy with work and other things going on in my life that I haven't had a chance to sit and work on this. And I still don't have a PS3... I'm looking into a new converter for the edat process. While this won't solve the audio problem, it should fix the "Unable to load song, skipping" problem. It's hard to narrow these things down when some people seem to have problems, and others don't. The audio problems are odd, because I never encountered any issues when I tested ever
  6. The "Merge Songs" function only works on pre-converted songs (ie the rar files posted on the database). You're going to have to "de-pack" the multi song CON, as the PS3 converter doesn't work with multi song CON packs. Luckily, the Quick Pack Editor will do this for you. Drop your multi song CON into the Quick Pack editor, press dePACK, and voila. From there, you should be able to convert each CON into the PS3 format. If anyone likes The Beatles, I'd suggest you look at this thread, and go to the spreadsheet. You'll noticed some PS3 links
  7. Thanks. Seems like the commonality between the two Maroon 5 songs and the Linkin Park song is that they're converts by GHtoRB3. The audio must be corrupt somehow, which is odd that they seem to work fine on the other systems. I'll try rebuilding the audio when I get my PS3 back. As well as getting this weeks release up (apologies for the wait, didn't have any time over the weekend due to work), I also fixed any links that weren't working due to apostrophes in the file name.
  8. Like Nemo said, please keep all issues to this thread. I'm always watching it, so if it gets posted somewhere else, there's a good chance I'll miss it. Feel free to keep posting issues. That's the only way I'll know if something's broken. Until I have a working PS3 again, though, everyone will have to wait. I'm hoping to have my PS3 back within the next week, just waiting on the repair guy to fix it. Sorry folks, like I said, I'll look at the files on my end, but that's about all I can do.
  9. Sure, one could find the encryption key to another folder, but it's not worth it. I've loaded the entire C3 database onto my PS3 without any problems, so I think the amount of songs you can load are just within the limits of how many songs are allowed in the library (somewhere 2000? I can't remember the exact number at the moment). So no need to worry about that. What I do it have my window sorted by "Date Last Modified", and that should show you the order you've merged your songs. That way you can just copy the new folders and the songs.dta. Thanks, unfortunately I still do not have
  10. Thanks, fixed Vanilla Ice. The other songs are broken due to the fact that they have apostrophes in the file name, and don't seem to jive with the website. I'll have to re-upload all of those Yeah if the PS3 link is not working for you, run the Xbox CON through the PS3 Converter and you'll get the same result. Only one person posts the PS3 links: me. I have to manually copy each link into the database once uploaded, which means search the song title, and paste my uploaded link. Now do that 700 times, as that's how many songs there are in the database. Simple? Yes. Time consuming? Ver
  11. Broken links to PS3 songs you mean? If you could let me know which ones, I'll fix them up.
  12. I don't think I could go back to Rock Band without customs, so if it turns out the 3k3y doesn't work...I'll probably sell my console and find a system that has CFW on it Back on topic: my apologies for not having the rest of the database uploaded. If I'm not at my job, then I'm working on some custom songs I'd like to get released. I'll try and get some more updated today.
  13. And there's your answer. Unfortunately that's something we don't have control over. Why HMX decided to make our version of the game without a cache is beyond me... I haven't even got my 3k3y installed yet. It's been a huge problem, one guy told me he could install it for me, then 2 weeks later he tells me he can't and broke the quick solder board (QSB), so I had to find a new installer and find/order a new QSB...So today I'm bringing the new QSB over to the installer. We'll see if this was worth all the effort by tonight/tomorrow.
  14. I do appreciate it, thanks. I still don't have a working PS3, but once I do I will definitely look into it.
  15. Hmm...alright, I'll have to take a look at it then and get back to you. Thanks for the information!
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