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  1. Nice pack to start, Thanks for these & also for all you guys are doing with the site, it's looking good😄
  2. That's a good start to this event you got going on. Look forward to playing it & what's coming next. Thanks for sharing 🙂
  3. Thanks for the shout out GracieBlue19 If you're a country fan I have good news, many tracks done & in testing phase.
  4. Welcome aboard 🙂 Look forward to seeing what you are sharing.
  5. The site is going through some major changes that take time. Be patient and check back in a few days
  6. Good day to all It's a country 8 pack Some of these are not yet on an album so the artwork is what I could find for them. Keith Urban - Superman Tim McGraw (ft. Taylor Swift) - Highway Don't Care Lauren Alaina (ft. Jon Pardi) - Getting Over Him Thomas Rhett - Look What God Gave Her Brantley Gilbert - Hard Days Cole Swindell - Single Saturday Night Blake Shelton (ft. Gwen Stefani) - Nobody But You Blake Shelton (ft. Gwen Stefani) - Happy Anywhere Enjoy!!
  7. The simple answer is I don't know why it does that, but it does. It's nothing the author did. Merge the tracks. It won't break anything.
  8. I have had a RPP of this for a couple years. It got lost in the pile of to many project files I never got around to finishing.
  9. Hey NikVivid Thanks for the comments. As an author, posts like this are great to see. I do have Luke Combs being worked on. I have some midi files for some of the others and I will listen to them. To make a song into a custom I need to be able to hear it 50 times minimum without gagging, so it has to be something I like.
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