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  1. i have like 3 wii pro adapters. figured i wouldn't be able to get rid of them, but maybe i can
  2. thank you caserol23. i really appreciate it. it's encouraging. i haven't touched it in a while again. having issues with distribution. my mac certificate keeps getting revoked. i think i have it figured out but it takes days/weeks to know if i have it working right. so last thing i did is i added Random Song play. That's usually how i like to play or else i end up playing the same songs over and over.
  3. thanks. yeah, i got that comment before. i've decided to not revisit gem designs till i get all the other stuff worked out. so far for me, the yellow cymbal is the only problem because i can't tell it apart from the tom when it goes white.
  4. interesting. i only played dance central when it first came out so i didn't notice. if it reuses moves, my guess is that it uses the midi file to tell the animation how log to take also.
  5. i would imagine you would have to do some motion capture of someone dancing to a song
  6. thank you TrojanNemo. Means a lot coming from you.
  7. here is a short video of the latest highway update in action. It doesn't jitter like that in game, I can't seem to get a clean recording no matter what. I even tried changing the resolution to very low and the recording was the same. I used a custom chart from site and included the charter in the end credit (ruck bogers 22) and a link back to the site. I hope that is okay.
  8. I added a download link on the first post hosted on itch. There isn't much as far as instructions, maybe I'll tackle that next, but for now I'm gonna stop working on it for a little while.
  9. funny enough, i've been a design professional for 20 years and i just learned like a week ago that Adobe Illustrator has 9 Slice Scaling which is the same as 9 patch images. i noticed it many times before, but i assumed they were for exporting images for html tables. hopefully i can find mac users to play it, but from the beginning i figured i might be the only audience.
  10. thanks @Caserol23 i made a StarPower indicator. the red ring in the background will animate to indicate starpower
  11. I'm thinking about adding a play history and song play count. but i'm torn on what to count as played. should the song play to completion to count as, or just to where there are no notes left for the instrument being played? or maybe a percentage of the song? if so, should there be a count for completed songs and a count for attempted songs? same with scoring. should there be a score if you just bail/don't finish the song? if not skip the stats screen and go straight back to library? also, should i break down song play count per instrument? all these question are weighing on me. also f
  12. thank you. Thats where im spending most of my time and still have ideas. and i wasnt even gonna have one originally. I have basic mechanics working for guitar, bass and keys. Havent made assets for them and just have the drum gems as placeholders with added sustain tails. I dont remember where i stopped. I think i was figuring out what happens if you release one finger while in a sustain, do you lose points? Etc. there are too many things i cant decide on. I should make a video of it, tho i think i might have broken it with the new things i added because they are all sharing the same scene
  13. thanks. yeah, they are hosted on an amazon S3 bucket and you have to trust the certificate. it's lame. i need a different solution edit: i uploaded them to imugr.
  14. ( download the alpha build on itch.io ) I wanted to learn some Swift about a year ago, so I made a rock band clone to teach myself and I wanted to share some of my progress with you guys because really - no one else really cares. This is a clip of where I was 6 months ago. Noice (rubberband) Update - Rhythm Game For Mac I stopped working on it since I posted that, and just picked it up again last week and added a few features and cleaned and rewrote the code for the interface. Basically I have made the same game more than 3 different ways already to learn different approaches. I start
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