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  1. Welcome listeners, to Birthday Rock Radio (TooL Edition)! It's also Mother's Day! That means today is going to rock, both literally and metaphorically! Due to its special nature, if our broadcast is interrupted, keep checking in this week for more content! This DJ is excited to be here with you guys so why not dive straight in? ***All times are in CST. 8:00 a.m.: Our Lady Peace - "The Birdman" OLP serving as an opening act for TooL? You bet! The first track from their first album which happens to be one of my favorites! 9:00 a.m.: Our Lady Peace - "Supersatellite" The next track fro
  2. I am halfway through charting my personal favorite from the album, but I'm a bit skeptical as to whether I should give any hints on it... I do plan on doing Open/Point #1 if no-one else gets to it soon. Pete said that was one of his favorites to play live.
  3. Here we go! It's a Wonderful Week of Customs (Chevelle Edition)! Day 1: This Circus This song really grew on me and is now one of my favorites from the album. I think bass and guitar take on an interesting tone in this one. If you'd ask me which instrument appears to be the most fun I'd have a difficult time answering and would reply with : "Try 'em all out!" Day 2: Grab Thy Hand Here with a track from "Wonder What's Next"! Between crunchy riffs and Pete's aggressive vocals, what are you still doing here? Go play and enjoy! *Also, a happy May the 4th to all you Star Wars fan out there!
  4. Haha oh man, you've got scary timing! That's awesome to hear! =D Yes! I apologize. Those should have been out, but they'll be headlining my release for next Sunday! Release Schedule for 2020: May 3rd to May 9th: Wonderful Week of Customs (Chevelle Edition): Day 1: Chevelle - ??? - (Sci-Fi Crimes) Day 2: Chevelle - ??? - (Wonder What's Next) Day 3: Chevelle - ??? - (This Type of Thinking...) & (Vena Sera) Day 4: Chevelle - ??? - (The North Corridor) Day 5: Chevelle - ??? - (The North Corridor) Day 6: Chevelle - ??? - (Vena Sera) Day 7: Chevelle - ??? - (Sci-Fi Crimes) May 10th: M
  5. Stop it, kid! You're going to make me blush! I am definitely not worthy of that title, but you certainly are! Thanks so much again for working with me on this! Still blown away by the quality of what you brought. Thank you so much for taking the time to do two posts! And I second the props to MrBurpler!
  6. Sideshow, you always either crack me up or humble me with incredibly kind words! In this case, you've absolutely done both haha! Thanks so much. Now go forth and rocketh out! Spread the word of TooL! I absolutely could not have done it without you, so you had better give yourself some props. And that's very modest of you! I know you easily could. My drum charts on the other hand... definitely can't touch yours! But thanks so much for the kind words! Seriously! I am so happy you're still in the community brystmar! Thanks again for pointing out that duplicate practice section on Jambi. I w
  7. IT IS HERE. What's been a blast to work on for the past few months has come to a head. My collaborator you ask? None other than the wonderful MrBurpler. Another huge Tool fan with a penchant for charting crazily accurate drums and bringing venues that beat the pants off anything DLC. He also has a knack for Pro Keys and Pitched vocals. Who is this monster?! He regularly charts difficult progressive rock and was the perfect specimen to make sure Danny Carey received some justice. Based on his venues, I also wonder if he's not the one who does all of the bands art! I had to continuously re-t
  8. Hey guys, one quick check in before I respond to all posts! The tracks will be released sometime after 2:00 p.m. EST, so please don't spend your morning waiting for us! Furthermore: Here's my other release schedule: November 13th: All 10,000 days tracks have received an overhaul, as well as pitched vocals. November 17th: 5 missing or otherwise incomplete Lateralus tracks.
  9. Sorry for the wait guys. I promise it's incredibly close to over. The full album will be released on: November 9th, 2019 But that isn't all. There will be plenty of other Tool related goodies.
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9h0td73pd24xg6w/DVMBCullingVoicesv1_rb3con?dl=0 The above is 2x drums and does not have its venue. But that's what makes it a teaser.
  11. I can't thank you enough for your comment! You are very welcome. I hope you'll be excited! Now that's definitely an honor haha! Thanks so much! Pneuma was a highlight you say? Check back in a few days for a possible teaser.
  12. I definitely appreciate any inquiries! It's always nice to know there's anticipation! Yes! I apologize. I unexpectedly had to be out of town the last 5 days. I just arrived back this morning and am looking to get back into it. Pneuma: Pitched Vocals are being worked on. Everything else is done! Invincible: Pitched Vocals, some left hand animations, and venue is being worked on. Everything else is done! Culling Voices: Pitched Vocals and a few venue related things are left. Everything else is done! 7empest: Some drum work is still being hashed out, pitched vocals and a few venue rela
  13. Hey guys! Another quick check in. Pneuma and Invincible are incredibly close to release. And 7empest has a surprising amount of work done to it. You will see releases of all very shortly!
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