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  1. Hi, my game is freezing right after all the custom songs load on the main screen (e.g. 86/86). Any idea what might cause that?
  2. Oh no, not nearly that many, I typically have about ~90 customs (and I have my RB DLC on another SD card). Maybe I should go through and check for old/unused bins tho.
  3. I've been playing Customs for quite a while, so I actually might be using some ancient methods, but lately I've been having some songs that are freezing the game while loading them. Some examples (in case anyone can confirm that these worked/didn't work for them) are Daydream Believer, Baba Yetu, Lady by Styx, and the recently released Beatles customs. I checked and all of these have meta files ~10KB, so I don't think size is the issue, and I had other songs that worked within the same update batch, so I don't think it's a refresh cache issue. Anyone have problems loading and were able to fix
  4. Someone screwed up the spreadsheet so I reverted back to an earlier revision (May 19). If you made any changes since then, they'll need to be readded. Please be careful when editing the spreadsheet, or we'll have to restrict access to only confirmed authors.
  5. No, sorry, they've been sent to Farottone, I'm sure he's got a schedule for these releases.
  6. Happy 50th anniversary to Rubber Soul! I finished charting all the pro keys for the album, so it should be the first one totally charted!
  7. I'm just about finished with Rubber Soul keys, is there somewhere/someone I can send the MIDI files? Sorry it's taken a while, I had to remind myself how to go through Magma and all that again, and with school and work I just didn't make it a priority. I should be available after finals (early December) to help with any missing Pro Keys parts.
  8. Can do! Just figured we wanted to permit access case-by-case, but I think we can still see who edited what so it should be fine. I made a copy, but it might be good to back up every few weeks or so. If any contributors want to mark the parts they are working on, I've been using light pink and EW (my abbreviation).
  9. ^That sounds great, White Album is going to take a lot of work! Personally, I've been trying to finish up the last 3 keys for Rubber Soul, and then the album will only need Pro G/B (if available).
  10. Ok, today I went through all the songs again and listened for keys, and used the Beatles Bible to see any additional instrumentation (it is pretty accurate and shows who played what), so now my Keys list has been updated, and the songs that have instruments other than Piano, E. Piano, or Organ have been noted. I also put the songs in album order. Note: The Beatles Bible says there are keys in Polythene Pam/Bathroom Window, but I cannot hear them at all (and they aren't noted in my sheet music either). I might try and listen to the multitracks some other time.
  11. Thank you, sir, added them! Also, removed # of vocal parts (it's in the second sheet still) and rhythm guitar (added to Notes when applicable). I went ahead and added the Tony Sheridan singles at the bottom just in case, but I agree that we should wait on those. I figure German ones are pretty much the same so I left them out. I probably won't have time to go through each song by ear until next weekend probably, but if anyone else wants to, go for it.
  12. Oh, I see we have a topic now! Here's a link to my spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EtZKx0FhMKCR12wXQ3E1Pgv3Vi5gDvyO-lA21mvGIqI/edit?usp=sharing If any project leads need edit access, just PM me and I'll add you straightaway! My list has all the singles at the bottom too. Speaking of Let It Be... Naked, I actually think the Long and Winding Road from that version would be better since it has more piano/guitar instead of strings. But I'm not sure how we're handling Let It Be. Also, I've looked around but I can't find a visualizer image for the very first batch:
  13. Are we going to use the existing stickied thread by TrojanNemo or should we start a totally new thread? By the way, I went ahead and added all the links that were in this thread by Sideshow, Oscar, and Blitzbob to my Google doc, hopefully I caught all the most updated links. If anyone wants edit access, just let me know.
  14. I actually worked on one the other day using TrojanNemo's spreadsheet as a template: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EtZKx0FhMKCR12wXQ3E1Pgv3Vi5gDvyO-lA21mvGIqI/edit?usp=sharing I still need to add the rest of Sideshow/Oscar's charts, but I did go through all the sheet music I have and highlighted which have keys parts to chart and which don't. I'm thinking of just combining the Keys/Pro Keys fields b/c no one should really chart one without the other anyways. As for Pro G/B, I think that's more of a special bonus that probably won't get charted for most songs, maybe we should just
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