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  1. I was like you once. I thought OK Computer was boring. I kept listening to it, trying to like it, but it just didn't hold my interest. I thought Kid A was kind of good, but still wasn't really into the whole Radiohead thing. It took Hail To The Thief to make me rethink the band. Airbag is really not an accessible song; 2+2=5 makes a much better introduction. Then I went back to OK Computer, and Subterranean Homesick Alien was like, "that's pretty cool," then Exit Music was like whaaaattt, and then Let Down was like WHHHAAAAATTTT and I've been a fan ever since. So yeah, Radiohead is awesome,
  2. After slowing the video down 50%, I think that section's supposed to be charted in sixes instead of eights. That was just a quick look, though.
  3. I requested, in this order: Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Dramamine A whole bunch of Porcupine Tree Another hundred songs from my iTunes library
  4. Combination of 3 and 4. Mostly 4. The problem is, I really had my hopes up for RB4, since I wanted a game that would let me go through RB2's awesome tour mode with pro instruments. That would have sold it for me. I have so many great memories of playing the old tour mode, but for $400 I just can't give up pro keys.
  5. Since we got Metropolis, change my vote to Porcupine Tree - In Absentia.
  6. Just checked. It DOES have keys, but it's not a very complicated chart.
  7. For the first time, yes, but all other times it should be: A2 C3 E3 G2 C3 E3 F2 A2 C3 E3 Though the final chord is just F2 A2 C3. Make sure you're in F-A range through the whole song to accommodate this. Also, that nice thick chord in the solo is an Amin7, and a few other chords there are missing a note. It should look like this: I'd also lower the difficulty from 2 dots to 1. Oh, and the G is hit twice at 44.2. Great song pick, btw. Parachutes is my favourite Coldplay album, and I hope you'll consider putting some songs on the show floor once you're more comfortable with charting. I
  8. +1, though I'd rather see Vienna and Just The Way You Are than some of the other picks.
  9. I know it's been a long time since this thread was made, but I thought I should share my thoughts on the matter. If a song has a prominent keys part, then suddenly gets hard to hear, I think it's worth trying to figure out. I'd rather have 40% of a song 100% correct than have 0% of a song playable. But it's all very subjective and you're constantly second-guessing yourself, so it's not always a fun task. I get that charting these types of parts can feel needlessly tedious. But where do you draw the line on which songs you cut and which songs you don't? It might not be easy, but in this
  10. Let's team up and give some of that PT stuff an official release. Read my pm.
  11. I LOVE their debut, but I haven't really listened to anything else. Maybe now's a good time to check them out. Any particular KC album you think I should listen to?
  12. Yes! Actually, there are plans in place to make Pro Keys charts for every applicable Rock Band 1 and 2 song. Five of these charts were released last week: Dream Theater - Panic Attack The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Where'd You Go? Panic at the Disco - Nine in the Afternoon Rush - The Trees (Vault Edition) Squeeze - Cool For Cats Hopefully some of those interest you, but if not don't worry! More will be coming soon. If you want to make any requests, please do them in the official Rock Band Harmonies Project request thread.
  13. I've only ever played on wii. I don't find the timing window odd myself, but I did spend a lot of time calibrating it.
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