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  1. As someone old, who also loves country, super excited to see this Garth song. One of my favorites. Thanks!
  2. Nope, my Xbox account is strictly offline. Same here. When using an account created as "offline" or "local" (I forget the exact wording; essentially it is not a "Live" account), games will not connect to the Live service or check for updates. Once or twice I've accidentally logged in with my online account while on the TU4 stick, and I've been prompted for an update. All I had to do was decline the update, log out of that account, then restart the game. Okay, I have to figure out how to do this then. I don't have a Live account, but I have two XBox profiles that are there when I turn t
  3. My TU4 account is not enabled for Internet access so there is no chance the game gets updated or that I get asked everytime to update without having to change connection preferences. That's about it, nothing more I can think of. So you don't even get prompted to update? I'm not sure why I am though. I've never played RB online with the XBox, and I don't think I've ever actually connected this console to the internet. As is stands, I have no need to ever play TU5, since all I use the XBox for is RB Customs. (All my DLC is on my PS3.) Which is why I don't have a need for a TU5/online
  4. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or just not doing something right, but is there a way to save band customization and performance history from session to session? I can create a character and customize my band and stand-ins, and play, but once I quit the game and try to sign in again, all customization and progress is lost. I don't play online, nor do I have any intention to. My XBox RockBand 3 is solely for playing customs. So what I have is a 32GB flash drive which has Title Update 4 and a copy of RB3 Song Cache from the hard drive, and I injected almost 450 customs (in multip
  5. Hey there. So I've been catching up on this thread, mostly because I was excited that the title indicated that Boys Round Here was charted. I already downloaded it without reading the rest of the thread and then was a little bummed when I got to the post that said it didn't have Pro Drums, since that's what I play. (Not to tear open an old wound, but I have a point...) I wanted to start charting a year ago, and this one was on my short list of songs I wanted to do, but was struggling to get started, and then my Reaper trial license ran out, so I gave up. If you wouldn't mind, I would
  6. This is a shitty story. But for the C3 authors that did this, it's my cringy salute to them. (There's a nice ending, I promise.) My older brother turned me on to Genesis in I guess it was late 70's. Maybe it was already the '80s. I was a budding artist and wanted to draw something. He was frustrated by me being around and handed me the album sleeve of "...And Then There Were Three..." and said, "I don't know. Draw this." I'll never forget how the band name was written... angled letters, most of the ones in the beginning were full and stylized, and then the rest trailed off. But the
  7. Nope. That explains it. These are all songs that come from albums with only one or two songs. I wasn't aware of that limitation. Thanks for the explanation! Explains that too. I know Paperlate from side 4 of Three Sides Live, but it never dawned on me that it wasn't on a full album. Nothing bothers me about this release. Nothing.
  8. I'm still goofy about this release. Been playing it all day. So thankful you guys put them in CON Album packages. However, the following songs show up under "Genesis", without an attachment to their albums. Eleventh Earl of Mar Follow You Follow Me For Absent Friends The Knife Many Too Many The Musical Box Paperlate (strange album artwork) Your Own Special Way Is that expected? I haven't yet used C3 Tools, but I could probably use that to fix this, right?
  9. I don't really know what to say. Whatever I type here, no matter what it is, will not accurately represent how beside myself I am with happiness. There's not enough ways to say thank you. Maybe I can make my way around the world and take every author for lunch or something. And you maniacs really did Supper's Ready. That's the one that nearly made me break down. I was so excited watching the preview vid, I totally forgot to start the downloads. Now the mental anguish begins - WHAT SONG DO I PLAY FIRST?!?!
  10. It's cool. Gives me more time to get stuff done around the house so I don't have to stop playing early in order to do dishes and stuff. (Also, bonus run to the beer store for supplies.)
  11. I'm losing my mind. I thought maybe my internet was screwed up and refused to refresh ONLY the C3 site. Tried it on two computers. I'm wearing out my F5 key.
  12. I think this should answer any questions. Actually, it doesn't because it's an inside joke of the authors chat. In Octavarium the lyrics reference to Supper's Ready and with Lowlander in the chat we joked about it. This doesn't mean I'm confirming we did NOT author it, it just means it's not a leak. Also, pretty please, if any of you don't find what they wanted, including Supper's Ready, don't be disappointed, something had to give... You're killing me... BTW, I can't imagine anybody would be disappointed about what is or isn't in this pack. "Oh. Supper's Ready isn't in this pack? May
  13. I would think it is possible, based on what was released this week. I kinda glossed over Dream Theater, sorry. Never was a fan. What happened this week?
  14. I literally don't know if I would be able to emotionally handle that. I know "literally" is thrown around a lot and people like to correct its usage on the internet, but it's accurate. I mean I truly don't know how long I would sit on my floor, elated, scared, excited, intimidated, and overjoyed that I was about to interact with that song, more than just singing in my car. I really want to see Behind The Lines/Duchess off Duke. Years back, I found a Youtube video of some middle-aged schmuck playing along to Behind The Lines on an electric kit, in a closet, with headphones. And he was gr
  15. So I've been obsessing over this pack all day. And since Farottone was "surprised that nobody started a guess which songs we'll get that we don't know of yet thread or discussion", I thought I'd put one together. I don't know if its protocol here to just throw this on an announcement thread. But I couldn't find a way to put it in a general discussion thread. Any mod can feel free to move it. I don't care where it winds up, I'm just excited to see Genesis fans discussing their DLC. It's amazing that this is only just a little more than half the songs coming next week. 48 songs. (Althou
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