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  1. well some of the songs are done by me, so yes i'm back at custom, however i wont stay longer. XD
  2. nsw, are those all the songs do you have planed to do for the gentle giant pack? if so, maybe i will pick one of the "Free Hand" album to chart.
  3. i want to do 2 or 3 songs more, im now into small drum recess. i will send you that pack when done.
  4. I want to see that Poseidon chart, I've also listened to Colours, Planets & Time To Turn, i might do a small drum pack with some unreleased charts i did slowly the last few months, do i sent them to you sideshow? i've also discovered two weird bizarre but amazing classic prog bands besides eloy, introduced by Mikael Akerfeldt, Comus and Magma. Comus is more folk oriented.
  5. hi nsw, i been lately listening to a classic prog band very underrated but with a gem of album which have some amazing drumming moments, the band im talking about is Eloy, and the album is Ocean, just listening to their main trilogy: dawn, ocean and silent cries, i amazed right now, dude that drummer was ambidextrous and played with open-hand technique, he also wrote the lyrics and narrates the story on the concept albums, so inspirational.
  6. Yeah, Tool Triad drumming is really challenge, paradiddles, polyrhythms, is difficult even for rb3 standars. you have to wake up your weak hand and improve your indpendence skills first. As mr burpler said, it marks officially my charting retirement, may i will do contributions in the future. dont expect much. however here is something i'm working occasionally. Tool songs on real drums for phaseshift. at the moment i'm only have done Lateralus (orignal chart by bearz) and Triad of course, they will have only real expert drums & 2x bass pedal, real open-close-sizzle hi-hat control, also
  7. Hey thank you nsw, i've been always a fan of your work since fof forum many years ago. now im retired of charting scene due to my focus on professional drumming oriented to prog, i am very happy you will work on amazing packs, i would have loved to chart some of these in the past so in a way i feel your hard work as part of mine, maybe i wil make some guest contributions in the future, (? XD) you can touch all of my work i did with sideshow, ajfone and the other c3 guys, some of these are yours. XD i can request some prog bands i would love to see more like: camel, Van der graaf g, ELP, m
  8. maybe when i learn the song, i still dont know whats the pattern there however i want to do triad in some future, and add disposition to reflection, these two work together. here are the triad patterns if someone wants to go ahead. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6m-721Rbn_CSDZBUWxlVjNHenc
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