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    Grand Theft Auto, Soul Calibur, MK and Rock Band are my favorite game series'. In my spare time when not playing video games, I also love singing, song writing, creating short films, and creating games with the Doom engine. Hanging with friends is a fave too lol. I suppose one of my other main interests right now is also to try and find a steady job!
  1. I can't say I'm outraged, honestly, but I am a bit disappointed that they'd do that. If they're really desperate enough to want to balance out negative reviews with fake positive ones (on Amazon no less), it kinda gives me a feeling that the game isn't really doing great. I've heard no one on my campus talking about this at all, as opposed to when RB3 launched, when everyone was buzzing with anticipation. Heck, I work with a small team, most of which are gamers, two being fans of Rock Band, and they've not brought it up at all except for a passing mention of it on its release day. I really w
  2. For those wondering, yes we did update the firmware for both instruments, but it seemed to make no real difference for the drums, and it only slightly helped for the guitar (strums were slightly more responsive, but it still failed to register randomly and still dropped out randomly). As for the vocal lag issue that some have mentioned,I was a bit buzzed by the time I picked up the mic, but I still noticed it to a degree. I thought it was just some sort of vocal delay effect at the time lol
  3. So... Took the day off from work, picked up the game from GameStop earlier in the afternoon. I'm gonna be brutally honest, please don't hate my guts... I'm very disappointed so far with this game. So far I've played it for about seven hours, so this is obviously a very early impression of the game, and on day one to boot, so things will likely improve. Also keep in mind that I'm playing with friends on the Xbox One, so these problems may or may not apply to you dependent on your set up. First, what I do like: - The UI is not much different from Rock Band 3 when you are in gameplay, and the
  4. Absolutely. I think if it weren't for customs, I'd probably have stopped playing the game a long time ago. The DLC kept it alive too, but I could only afford so much DLC at a time, and typically my game budget for DLC is not very much, and if I have a DLC budget at all, its going to go to either Rock Band or a full digital game. With Rock Band 4 coming closer to release every day, I look back at the day when I discovered C3 and I smile a bit, as cheesy as that is, its true. C3 has added over a hundred more hours worth of play to my Rock Band 3 from the official weekly releases alone. Despite m
  5. Love BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITssssssss So happy to see some official Judas Priest released here! Of course, I'll be playing all of these tracks, but I am definitely most excited about the Priest track!
  6. I can't believe there isn't more demand for Billy Idol who has one of the guitar gods of the 80s in his band. Even if they weren't full band, some guitar only versions of a lot of the songs from Rebel Yell would be fantastic. Flesh for Fantasy, Eyes Without a Face, Blue Highway, (Do Not) Stand in the Shadows... that whole album is fantastic, and I'm honestly surprised to see it get overlooked most of the time. Not to mention that he had other great tracks on his follow up releases after RY as well. As far as Whiplash Smile, you've got Worlds Forgotten Boy, Soul Standing By, both have gre
  7. I agree with you. I'd love to see Menza at least in there if they can't work something out with Friedman. I'd be surprised if they got both of them though. Youthanasia was the drop off point for a lot of Megadeth fans, I personally like most of their albums though (the only one I don't like much of is Risk, which I only liked the songs Wanderlust, and Prince of Darkness). I don't think any of the golden line up boys will be croaking of OD's or anything, Mustaine, Friedman, Menza, and Junior are all clean and in pretty good health as far as I know. In fact, the only health issues Mustaine ha
  8. Nope. I mean sort of... one of these days, if I run out of Stuff I'd Rather Do... Lol, thanks for the answer, as I said, I had been wondering for a while about that.
  9. Feel free to slap me with a trout if this isn't in the right place. I was wondering if there are/were any plans to polish up the Guitar Hero charts that are in the database that aren't (at least to my knowledge) officially up to current C3 standards? Any answer long or short would suffice, but I've been curious about that and never really took the time to ask for some reason. Thanks!
  10. First of all, I know my posts are rather far removed from one and other and my returns tend to be rather sporadic in terms of actual postings and the length of them but I've gone from being simply a full time student to a full time volunteer and student with things to pay for. Yeah, real life does suck, C3 creators. You weren't kidding, can't imagine how regular contributors pump out content at such high quality weekly. At least I'm getting through lol! Anyhow, I'm somewhat late in bringing this up, but has anyone else heard about Megadeth lately? Put simply: Dave and Junior are in kind of a
  11. I wish I could say I didn't know how you feel, but I sadly do. I lost my father to brain cancer when I was eleven. He was told he had two weeks, but he survived for four months. He passed just a few days before my twelfth birthday. I'm very sorry for your loss
  12. It has been done, but the stank is very, very prevalent on that chart. Its overcharted like crazy.
  13. I just watched Heat (Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, not the recent comedy film) for the first time in a few years and that movie is just as good as the first time still. I also recently saw Expendables 3, which for some reason ignores the cast we really care about (the classic guys) for the better part of the film. The set pieces are also rather generic. Mel Gibson gives a good performance in it when he's on screen though. The last movie I had the pleasure of finding on DVD when I was out on Saturday was Carlitos Way. I like that film a lot.
  14. Anyone who likes Sammy Hagar and Journey should check out HSAS, Hagar Schon Arronson Shrieve, a project that saw Sammy Hagar and Neal Schon team up. The result is pretty good IMO. The album is hard to find though, its called Through The Fire. Definitely an interesting listen.
  15. I agree, I feel the series really needs fresh blood, and Hewlett, while I have nothing against him personally, was not the right man for the job with Silent Hill if you ask me. I don't really feel he "got" the whole thing that the original Team Silent were trying to do with the idea of Silent Hill (the location). When he came into the series, a lot of things started to feel very forced, and many ideas that were meant to be kept for one characters journey through SH were shoehorned into other titles illogically. Pyramid Head is a prime example. Homecoming should have never had that character
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