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  1. Don't worry about it. You're just doing what you have to, which is completely reasonable.
  2. "Let's Get It Started" isn't popping up for me. The game even loads it up and all but it doesn't show in-game at all. Don't know what's going on. Everything else I've gotten from ya works though.
  3. I've been wanting "Let's Get It Started" for a while now and "I Want It That Way" is another great song to have on my playlist. Danke kumpel for these!
  4. Actually, I already fixed the audio in the previous version myself. It isn't tinny. I released that fixed version and then someone else finished it up with EMH, which I didn't knew that was a problem until after I uploaded/shared it. (I rarely play Hard. Mostly play Expert).
  5. Pretty kool. I'm looking forward to these releases... Still kinda hoping for a few specific songs myself but I guess I'll see what will be coming.
  6. Nice release... Though only getting the updated version of "Taking Flight".
  7. I recently just figured out that "I've got a Feeling" is that "Tonight's gonna be a good night" song... So danke kumpel for that!
  8. Your singer in the preview video looked like a Red Scout... But anyways. Nice list. Especially happy about "Don't worry, be happy", ja.
  9. Surprisingly, not a huge fan of Tarby even though "Little Sister" was one of my favorite tracks of 2014.
  10. At least the Whitesnake album was from the vault, so not as much time was spent of those songs... (I've played them before out of curiosity a long time ago). Still, to see new songs, no matter what, is always a good thing in my books. Even though I'm gonna have to pass... Then again, I'm probably gonna have to pass a lot since I really am not missing much that I want (except for Aviators).
  11. I'm keeping my 360 no matter what myself so no worries here but I am hoping to get a few other games on Xbox One from my 360 due to other things they've confirmed. Where can you vote anyways?
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