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  1. Well, I'll be darned! All this time I've been hiding stuff with camera cuts.
  2. Not too complicated. It says the Track Name event "PART BASS" is located at 2.4.00 in the Bass track. Move it all the way back to 1.1.0 and you're done!
  3. Actually, it's not necessary to create a silent file, because if you right-click an instrument audio field in Magma, you have two options of dummy files to insert, already part of Magma. That's right! 61.1.00 seems to be a good spot, there. Anything past the "editable" midi area is obscured, and not exported to the .midi, so that spare bit of the track is normal.
  4. 1. Precisely. And if volume is an issue, you'd only have to modify it in the original. 2. Check if you didn't leave the count-in track muted in Reaper, or that the volume slider was too low! Depending on how you do it, you also have to select/highlight the count-in audio for rendering.
  5. Make sure you haven't unchecked Vocals in Magma, and check if the notes, or the whole track, are muted in Reaper. Also, make sure the [end] event is not outside the track when you export the midi.
  6. Promised myself not to add stuff until all were completed, but... I'll throw in Light in the Black by Rainbow! Did not see it in the forums' wips already, so, dibs!
  7. Well, usually the errors are self-explanatory, but in the case of misaligned lyrics you'll have to zoom in on them real close to see. They are milliseconds apart, but are. Either select them all and drag them into position, or chart anew. You also have lyrics that don't have tubes assigned to them. Plus, you left lyrics outside the last phrase marker - make it longer or they will be deleted by Magma.
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