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  1. as title says. requesting Life is a Lemon and I want my Money back. FB EMHX.
  2. Bush - Little Things FB and EMHX.
  3. you'll have to wait until i wake up lol, which is like probably 12 hours from now.
  4. tbh i thought i could just use c3 tools like any other song and extract the png file you needed, but here doesn't seem to be the case. should have looked at the file before saying i could do it my bad.
  5. it's not as easy as i thought it would be lol
  6. i have something against the new SP albums it's doesnt sound the same lol.
  7. cool then maybe these. Disarm Ava Adore Geek USA My Love is Winter ( a modern SP song that sounds decent) (May needs keys also)
  8. Are request possible? thanks for Perfect and the others
  9. you sir have done it, you have charted the Tom Petty songs i wanted , i may now die in peace thanks!
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