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  1. It would be great if these games became "cool" again amongst a newer generation of kids out there. But current lack of instrument availability is going to prevent that from happening any time soon, not to mention a finite number of customs compatible RB3 discs.
  2. Been going eleven years strong now. Since GH2 days. There have been times I've taken an extended break, but I always come back. When I get tired of Rivals I play customs, and vice versa. Only thing that could stop me would be losing finger dexterity. Definitely a bit stiffer now compared to 2008.
  3. After a brief 589 day break, I present my next AC/DC track, Crabsody in Blue. Same deal as my other customs. The vocals are unpitched. I did find a source that had the notes written out, and I tried to implement it into the custom, but it wasn't good enough. The majority of the pitches are buried in the file if anyone ever wanted to spend some time with it. AC/DC - Crabsody in Blue
  4. Bit late, but saw the AC/DC track. Thanks for doing a real deep cut and thanks for charting Mal as well!
  5. http://d.c3universe.com/5983686036aaf6.39125011 Somebody here said they wanted this one, so I slaved through this almost 7 minute long track because I listen to my supporters. Soul Stripper is one of very few tracks that actually feature Malcolm on lead guitar, and Angus playing rhythm. At about 4 minutes into the song, they start trading licks with each other on the solo. This was a tricky decision to make as far as charting, but I decided to keep it all on the guitar track. If someone wants a version with them split up on guitar and keys, let me know and I'll make a secondary version.
  6. You joke, but there is some truth to that. Don't have your first (or second or third) custom be on of your all time favorite songs. Also try to pick a song that is fairly simple on all instruments. Something with a drum machine, or a song with no bassline or guitar.
  7. The first few customs I released... I think I've spent more time fixing them afterwards than I did originally making them. The learning process isn't easy for anyone. It may seem that way here, but that's because many of us have a few years of experience. Your fifth custom will make your first look like shit. Your tenth will make your fifth look like shit, etc. Just have to power on through.
  8. Of course. That's funny. I was going to do Simply Irresistible next but decided to go with this first. I saw your thread mention Palmer and my heart stopped for a second. At the time I was like 80% done with Addicted. I didn't know CAT doesn't do PK reductions. I said that to mean I took extra time reducing them so they make sense and play well on the lower difficulties.
  9. NEW RELEASE! http://d.c3universe.com/59821a3f84a5e1.48630936 Atruejedi was nice enough to give the vocals a polish, so they're in good shape. Only parts of the harmonies are charted. Includes pro keys with lower difficulties reduced by hand.
  10. I noticed wrong lyrics on "That's Not My Name" They call me ho, they call me Stacy Should be hell. Her accent makes it harder to hear. It's listed as hell on their official YouTube video for reference.
  11. Just want to pop in here to say, while I'm not much of a fan of this band, this project you're doing is truly amazing.
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