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  1. Those rules are specially developed to try and make it feel as realistic as possible though
  2. Be careful with tabs, they don't usually include all sorts of minor variations, fills, etc. that the studio recording do and are never entirely reliable, so be sure to adjust the chart to fit the real song afterwards
  3. Green is the lowest pitch, Orange is the highest pitch, then you have to wrap the entire guitar part in a way that feels natural with only 5 buttons to choose from. http://pksage.com/rbndocs/index.php?tit ... ing#Basics
  4. It is. You know, I've used this avatar for years and years on tons of different sites and you're the first person to identify what it is, so congrats, you're awesome It's my favourite album of all time and the title track is my favourite song of all time - I'd do it as a custom but it's not really well known enough to justify a C3 release, plus I know people would want more Bon Jovi instead. Charting stuff you personally want to see in game is a healthy and fun thing to do even if said song is not super-mainstream though
  5. I would be happy to help with Octopus Has No Friends. I assume the stems are finished ones from the studio album and not a cover/unfinished mix stems right?
  6. Happy to hear you like them. I have been thinking of doing Lose Yourself To Dance, but I have no idea how I would wrap all those harmonies which have sorta stopped me from even trying it, maybe I'll give it another shot sometime
  7. Does Weenie Beenie include the playtesting done it when still scheduled for a C3 release?
  8. Or you could halve the amount of notes in the BEAT track and see if Magma will accept it then, as the BEAT track is used along with the actual BPM ingame to determine the tempo and time signature of a song
  9. Throne seems like such a odd choice in RB4 considering it's nearly all Keys and nearly no Guitar. Really should have picked one of their more Metal songs if they had to remove Keys
  10. You need to put a [*] in front of each text you wanted listed, otherwise it gets lumped into a broken pile. Fixed it for you
  11. I don't own a single GnR album, and if I did it would be Chinese Democracy because Buckethead & Bumblefoot
  12. Talkies are to be used for stuff that would be unfeasible to chart as pitched (shouts, growls, screams, talking, rapping, sound effects, whistling, etc.). You still have to time it as a normal note though, so if you can do pitches it won't really save you any time and it will wastly reduce the quality of your custom having it be all talkies during singing parts.
  13. Don't know if anybody already said so, but Devil Went Down To Georgia is already in the C3 database
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