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  1. Thank you so much ! I love this song. I really hope that you'll do "A Man's Gotta Do" in the future
  2. Ollie, Is there any chance that you can do the vocals parts on Kloporte's Palabra Mi Amor by Shaka Ponk ?
  3. It seems that the link for the 04/09/15 New Release Package is the same that the 17/04/15 New Release Package. Thanks for all your work !
  4. It works for me too ! The artist name in the song.dta was wrong. The Ö was replace with weird signs. I replace it and save in UTF-8 and voilà !
  5. Thanks for the reply. No problem for the 2 new pieces of content that load everytime, it's not a real problem. Dahnlee, I will try your solution and post the results
  6. Hi I just did the Harmony Project Upgrades with the Master Package. Everything went just fine, the harmonies appeared and they work ingame. But I have two strange bugs (I think). First, I have a problem with Blue Öyster Cult. The band name appears like this : Blue ÿster Cult everywhere (in the song list, in the details when you press Y and when the name of the song and the band name appears when you start to play the song). Second, my game constantly loads two pieces of downloadable content every time I launch the game. Is it a normal behaviour ? I did the Harmony project with TU4
  7. Merci pour les morceaux ! Dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de chant. (Thank you for the songs. Too bad there's no vocals)
  8. I'm only familiar with the Collins era (mostly the last three albums) but I think I will download all the songs to know better this great band. Thank you for impressive work and thank you to keep Rock Band alive !
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