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  1. Like I said, yes it's possible, but some modding is required.
  2. Short answer: yes, it's possible. Longer answer: for the game to recognize the Mic and score vocals, you should connect it using a modified version of the standard Logitech microphone sold for RB (or similar ones from GH, etc.). In brief, cut the microphone cable such that you have the USB connector and the printed circuit board inside the plastic housing still attached, then about a foot of cable. Strip the wires and attach a 1/4" mono plug jack. Then you can plug in the microphone using a 1/4" to XLR cable. Dynamic mics are recommended so you don't need phantom power. Good luck!
  3. Awesome song, this will be so much fun to play and sing! Thank you!!
  4. Greetings! Just wondering if we might get an update on "Your Wildest Dreams," it's marked as finalizing in the WiP and I'd love to play test if you need a hand. Thank you for "Dawn Is a Feeling!"
  5. Just checking in on this thread to express support. It would be WONDERFUL to play "Your Wildest Dreams" with full harmonies by the end of the year (at holiday parties). Thanks for your hard work!
  6. Fair enough, still 27+ more songs to look forward to! I don't suppose you could give us an updated total so we could do our own Christmas countdown? Farottone, if there were a Nobel Prize for customs, you'd be the only choice. Well done sir.
  7. I know it's been said, many times, many ways... but the effort put forth by all the contributors for this C3thon is astonishing. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you everyone. Also, some quick math... there have been an incredible 81 releases and 273 songs total to this point, which means over the next nine releases/three days there are STILL 127+ songs remaining in the 'thon queue to reach the target of 400 songs.
  8. Damn. I was traveling last week and I couldn't grab these in time. Why did this DLC have to be THIS week?
  9. Awesome choices, and can't wait for the pitched vocals versions of Eagles tunes!! Thank you!!
  10. You need the PCB from the RB mic in order to have the game software recognize your Shure (or other brand) gear. There's a great thread on Doc's Rock Band Mods about different mics and connections: http://www.docsrockbandmods.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3876 I've soldered half a dozen adapters from donor RB mics and they work great with my Shure and Sennheiser equipment, including the wireless sets. But if you don't wanna drop a lot of cash, pick up one of the Behringer XM8500 mics -- can't beat the performance value and your vocal scores will improve too!
  11. Awesome to see more Elton John and Phil Collins in the catalog! Thanks to all the collaborators!!
  12. I'm afraid my aside about not being a country fan came across wrong. I didn't mean to impugn the genre at all. On the contrary, I've just heard a lot of RB players (my friends) say things like, "why did they put country music in a game called ROCK Band?" without even considering its merits. Labels suck anyway. Garth Brooks is amazing and his stuff would be super playable in customs!
  13. I'll second the OP, Garth Brooks has a TON of great songs that would be awesome for RB parties (I'm not a country fan and you don't have to be!). Check out just the hits: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ultimate_Hits
  14. +1. The Boxer is a FANTASTIC song and would be amazing for guitar and vocals.
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