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  1. Just being honest in this, but that makes no sense as an answer...just say that to do what you do, you can't go against the makers of the games. That's all that needs to be said and is more the reality. Buying and supporting the new stuff (only available on the XBox One) doesn't affect customs...that are only playable on the XBox 360. You need the XBox 360 AND TU4 to even play them, otherwise, it's overridden. As far as I've seen, nowhere on here or anywhere has there been a way to do this on XB1. So they don't really ever compete. With XB360 and TU4, you can't get online, thus you can
  2. I saw your comment on the download. If you want to do this one with the actual recording instead of the video with the girl singing: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x51f9a1
  3. Man, grabbed several of these and the charting is great. So much fun playing several other No More Tears songs I love of that album. Thanks for these. Much appreciated!!!
  4. Hey. I downloaded this over the weekend, and no matter what, I cannot get this to show up in my game. I even used the C3 converter to try to turn it into Live, then back to con. Still does not show up in the game. Can you check and fix??
  5. Oh wow!!!....this is one of the ones I've been wanting of Michael for years. Thank you so much...I'll be happy to accept this any way you have it with vocals charted, and if anyone does work on it as well as you discuss, I'll watch for it.
  6. 1) Bad Wolves - Zombie (Carnberries cover, which ironically Delores was supposed to reprise her vocals on the day she died). Would love to have this cover. 2) From Ashes to New - Crazy 3) Device ft Lzzy Hale - Close my Eyes Forever (Lita Ford cover). For those unfamiliar with Device, lead singer is David Draiman of Disturbed. This is pretty much a hard cover of the song with the lead singers of Disturbed and Halestorm. 4) Sixx A.M. - We Will Not Go Quietly 5) Fozzy - Judas:
  7. Top: Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Linda Ronstadt Middle/2nd: Bobbie Gentry 3rd: Meghan Linsey (that's who it looks like...country singer, ex-contestant of The Voice) , Adele, Diana Ross Bottom: Melissa Ethridge, Tina Turner
  8. Showdown #1 1 Cliff Richard and Showdown #2 is for....... 2 Billy Idol same for me on those...
  9. Thanks in advance. I'd like to possibly see Fozzy - Judas and someone to help/fix hotfuzz's release of Slash/Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous, which has been quite unplayable past 30 seconds or less of the song due to the tempo mapping...looks like the chart might be pretty good, but it has to be playable to be worth the download. Hope someone can help him with that and his Motley Crue song tempo mappings to finalize those...plus add any missing instruments. Thank you all for all your hard work. It has been a blast playing tons of customs from various creators here.
  10. Think you may have it... Closest I was getting with those 2 hints was looking at the Holy Wood album of Marilyn Manson. "Can't see the forest" line similar to the line in "The Beautiful People"...strange band...name deals with a mass murderer...Funhouse has done MM before....Wood in Holy Wood for the "tree", "branch" hints...but couldn't find a song to fully match from that album minus "The Love Song" which has already been done. So, yeah, yours matches well.
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