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  1. Frets on fire has great stuff. I personally have posted some conversions over there I can’t post over here cause of *rules*. Check out the conversions threads. Good stuff you won’t find here.
  2. I know the site is a WIP, but wanted to let you know in case no one mentioned it that on mobile you can't click anything to view the desktop version. Thanks.
  3. Evanescence - "My Heart is Broken" Original Instrument Charts done by Beard261, I Just added vocals plus the usual spin on my customs with OD's and what not. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cbqrz5s46feotdb/HeartIsBrokenMrMet_rb3con/file Evanescence - The Change/My Heart is Broken (both songs in one CON, since on the album they lead into each other.) http://www.mediafire.com/file/upfmev4j5foecha/TheChangeMyHeartMrMet_rb3con/file
  4. Considering for the first time to put reductions on all my old Expert only customs. Trying to install Python but reaper won't recognize it. Using reaper 4.402 rev 41ffe8. Downloaded Python 2.7 and also the most recent just to try. Tried installing Python to the default directory and also changing the install directory and asking Reaper to look at the new Python folder for the.dll but it won't recognize it, even after restarts of reaper every time. Suggestion?
  5. Robyn's "Do You Know (What it Takes)" https://www.mediafire.com/file/qnpm5fcdeyh07zq/DoYouKnowRobynMrMet_rb3con/file Guitar follow both keys and bass Audible harmonies are charted, but not everything is charted.
  6. I have actually considered this one before, as I love the song and the movie. If I ever decide to do it, I'll let you know.
  7. Oh ok. Thanks for the advice and heads up, but my 360 I actually only use for Rock Band customs and have never connected it to the internet or played any other game on it.
  8. UPDATE 02/05/2020: Evanescence "The Chain". Their cover of the popular Fleetwood Mac song written for done for Gears 5. Keys follow orchestra mostly. Harmonies are charted to the best of my ability. https://www.mediafire.com/file/hso29q5y2b0699i/TheChainEvanMrMet_rb3con/file
  9. UPDATE 02/01/2020: A song From Hideo Kojima's "Policenauts", the song that plays during the opening credits and is mainly known as the theme song for the game "End of the Dark. For those of us fortunate enough to have played it either by knowing Japanese or using a fan translation, the game is very special and a definite precursor in elaborate story telling that Kojima would become famous for. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4hdulgt4d7steff/EndoftheDarkMrMet_rb3con/file
  10. If I have all cons, no official DLC, nothing else, do I still have to do license transfers? I only use my Xbox 360 for rock band 3 and thats it. Never any other games and never connected it online.
  11. My OG Xbox is doing the open tray error and the various YouTube fixes dont work very long. Im going to get an Elite from a local pawnshop and was wondering if the process of using customs on an Elite is any different than using an OG Xbox 360? Also, with those old transfer cables for the old hard drives, will a simple transfer of all RB3 content on my current hard drive like customs and TU4 and settings work just fine once moved over?
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