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  1. @kueller the virgin muse fan: expends great effort making memes in order to cope with their insecurity over their favorite band being largely known as a lesser imitation of another more talented and respected group the Chad Radiohead Fan: calmly enjoys their favorite band's music, safe and confident in their knowledge that they have nothing to prove
  2. here's a preview video showing snippets of each of the songs from Kid A, for those who may be unfamiliar with the album and/or just want a quick overview. full videos for each song can be found on each of their pages, as they're now in the database!
  3. most things on here it's gonna be a while before i'll get to them (just cause there's so much damn stuff i want to chart, and even this list is kinda outdated, too!), so if you really wanna do them now i'd say go ahead i'm late but shut
  4. Welcome, one and all, to the first night of the second leg of the first C3X Tour! We're going to be visiting Victoria Park in London to see some excellent alternative bands play - including one very famous one. But before the show starts later on, we're taking a trip down to the C3X Studio to witness some talented musicians laying down fresh tracks. Blur - "Beetlebum" (yaniv297) The theme of this duo-pack is original versions of songs that were only officially released as covers or live versions! First off, we have a track from the iconic 90s britpop band Blur - known for
  5. (notice: a slight change in the time of the event) (thanks to @kueller for assisting with the creation of this hint)
  6. well then might as well dump the rest of these pieces
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