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  1. On the Wii version, I have a code that allows you to choose the stage. Not sure about how something like that would be ported to other consoles though.
  2. If you do want to bypass this though, I think an override midi will do it, but it's messy. I remember doing this on my custom for "Intermission" and possibly for a Wii convert of a Van Halen song, but I don't remember which one that was. Edit: Here's what my project file looks like for "Intermission". It looks like I did use an override midi, too. The midi sent to Magma was one that cuts out all the unallowed BPMs, so it really messes up the project, so only do it to export, then undo back.
  3. This is a strange case. I see an error about note ons without note offs. Looks like it was also reported in this thread earlier. I'm not sure how I would fix this though. It's nAudio throwing an error about not being able to load the midi in the first place. Resaving from Reaper seems to fix the issue. Even C3 CON Tools' MIDI Cleaner doesn't fix it. It makes it hard to track down what the real problem is and catch it before it becomes an issue. Edit: Actually, there is a possible solution. Disable something called "strict checking" which seems to work. I've disabled it in this version, so le
  4. I'm back with a couple of new customs. I played the new Paper Mario game on Nintendo Switch, and that OST... ROCKS! Who knew paper and rock went so well together? This game surprised me with its vast soundtrack, and the two tracks below are the ones that turned out to be my favorites. https://youtu.be/FOj17z0kpiU Event Battle This is the first battle music you hear in the game! Wow! It has a bit of a whimsy and silly side to it, but also some powerful guitar chords leading the track. It's certainly a fan favorite! It's heard throughout most of the game during battles which have some story
  5. So I forgot to release MiloMod v1.5, which was supposed to have released in December 2019, and I forgot to release MiloMod v1.6, which was supposed to have released in April 2020. They're both very minor releases, and probably not as well tested, but I guess the plan was to roll it in with a bigger update, like fixing the broken compression. But here's what's new anyway. MiloMod v1.5 Adds support for batch processing Wii folders through the command prompt. Arguments should be: milomod [input_folder] (optional) [-noMidiVenue] [-gameOriginRB3] Download MiloMod v1.5 MiloMod v1.6 Added the opt
  6. RockBiink 2.0 Beta 1 is out now. Download RockBiink 2.0 Beta 1 Rebuilt from the ground up, RockBiink 2.0 is currently a work in progress, but better than ever. RockBiink 2.0 is a tool to help you make Rock Band compatible multitrack Bink files. Only the Wii versions are known to use the Bink (.bik) file format for multitrack audio, possibly because it allows for smaller data rates and file sizes, which the Wii needs. Bink files typically target a file size under 40 MB and a total of 9 tracks or less. Sample rates don't have to be 44100 Hz either. The goal of RockBiink is to help authors a
  7. Phew, time to dust this off for the year 2020. I forgot to post my releases from last week here, so I'll roll both releases together now, newest first. First up, "Heart's All Gone"... again. I last updated this about 5 years ago. But it's had an issue with disco flip on Drums since. Now that I finally got around to fixing this, I also made other much-needed improvements such as a Guitar and Bass chart that isn't totally out of sync and inaccurate in certain parts. It also has a new venue, numeric ID to save your scores, and a perfectly serviceable karaoke audio track. Let's pretend 2011 nev
  8. Seems like it's probably still in a DTA file if it keeps showing up after a cache refresh. Take your cache file after it reappears and do a search for the short name of the song in HxD. One of the results should tell you the path it's in and you can remove it from your DTA file so next time it doesn't load. It seems like maybe one of your files are too large? That's what happens when app files are too large. Can you narrow it down to specific app files? You can also still use RockBiink after converting the file to PhaseShift if you split the stereo track to single mono files and run thos
  9. It's a bug in the game. Seems like after a content file has been fully loaded by loading the song data it refers to, the album art goes away. The audio preview is also from cached audio instead of the preview file at this point. The album art will return when you play a different song though. Simply put, the Wii game is just buggy. Sorry.
  10. I know it sounds complicated to set up, but I just followed the instructions exactly as they provided. Download the right version for whatever version of Python you have installed. Download Conda. Use git to get everything. A more common error I've seen is the input path in the arguments to run it being incorrect. You can drag and drop a file into the console window to get the path in there if that's faster.
  11. I tried this and I'm just blown away by how easily it outputs great results! Drums and vocals have turned out really well! Bass too. Basically free karaoke versions of songs with this tool for the most part. And for the bass extraction, that should help for charting since it's usually the hardest to hear and comes out fairly well too.
  12. MiloMod 1.4 is out. Just a minor bug fix where singalong note off events were being stored incorrectly. This would make it so the assigned singer would essentially never stop singing. Also, the 1.3 version was not distributed with a KV.bin file, so this would have broken CON file importing. This file is now included and the feature should work as intended. Download MiloMod 1.4
  13. Next feature I may work on is getting it to work better for multiple files. Maybe a command line batch option? And also, I still need to fix the compression.
  14. There is now a new version of MiloMod. Version 1.3 is now out and fixes the following: That last point is particularly important. Previously, all post procs would blend with each other if one post proc followed a different one, behavior unlike how the authoring docs describe. This is due to how these events are interpreted in the Milo file that I wasn't aware of before. Now, it works just like it's supposed to. Download it now!
  15. More than 500 isn't supported. If you haven't already, pack more content into one slot to save on slots. Or use a different content generation.
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