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  1. Yup you're right, seems like the pro markers are a bit too late, I'll fix this asap.
  2. Nope. To be honest I'm not really familiar with their work and don't intend to be in the near future, and unfortunately the time I can spare for charting these days is way too limited to start working on songs I don't like or care for. Hell would probably have frozen centuries before I even contemplate charting this. And as TSQ kindly suggested, do your requests on the requests section and not on peoples threads, especially since you're posting videos on multiple posts.
  3. As long as you don't wait months before trying to view the video, you can always replay it on harmonix twitch channel, under the "videos" tab.
  4. I can point you to/send you multitracks of some of her songs. Let me know if you want to collaborate as well, I started working on Smile and F*** You eons ago.
  5. Ah ah ah, well I know who to hire if I ever need a publicist, nicely done, Sir
  6. Congrats for your work, releasing (almost) a full album all by yourself is a pretty strong accomplishment that you can be proud of and thanked for. I'll try to give you feedback for Gimme all your loving and Sharp dressed man once I've played those.
  7. I got your point the first time about the fact that they're "giving" money, mate. Like Germany, like France, like Italy... But like I said, they paid and did less than the others (others who're actually paying for the rebate they got, btw) but managed to leverage what they gave to push the rules their way (thus making the whole no taxation without representation point pretty invalid imo). The UK never had to comply to anything it didn't want to, and especially not to rules that would have been made by countries that "receive" money, ie the eastern European countries who joined the Union way af
  8. Yeah the UK are net contributors to the EU budget (ie the UK gives more than it receives), but that's the case for every big country in the EU, so I fail to see your point here, especially since the UK's paying significantly less than what it should (and we're talking 5 billions €/year of net contribution for the UK, which is pretty much peanuts). In exchange, it had free access to the european market without internal tarriffs (UK complained a lot about common agricultural policies, let's see how its agricultural sector will fare by itself to feed the country), had most economic policies of
  9. Are you talking about the "But the cost of freedom and independence is always worth it" part, because to me it's directly linked to that very inapt comparison with slavery and not the 1776 independance (which concerned the UK as well...). As for the no taxation/no representation part, considering how the EU has no direct taxation powers, how the UK had negociated very favorable financial terms (rebates on its contribution to the general EU budget so that its net contribution equals roughly 0,5% of its GDP, refusal of the future financial transaction tax, among others...), how the European Co
  10. Wanted to stay out of the whole conversation, but honestly couldn't help myself after reading that. You should try to take at least some interest in politics, because comparing Brexit to slavery shows Trump-level ignorance, at best, and is insulting on so many levels it's painful to read. As for the bigger picture, the whole racism/immigrants crisis has played a important role in this, but as Farottone said the whole european governance crisis and the increasing gap between the values of the so-called elites and the Orwellian common decency is probably the main culprit here. Ironically, si
  11. Well it's not like I love to quote myself but, assuming you're using windows 10 64bits : If you can't find it there, try using the windows search file fonction
  12. Yeah Strange. Does it work if you type in "python26.dll" in the "force python to use .dll" case ?
  13. Try this, it may work http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/10662-c3-automation-tools/?p=1000008130
  14. Updating my PC to windows 10 made Reaper unable to load Python for me as well (same issue as the one described in the previous posts). I found a fix by unstalling python and reinstalling python 2.6.6, it seems that the ctypes library doesn't install properly with the following versions. Well at least for me. https://www.python.org/download/releases/2.6.6/ You need to install the x86 version if you're using Reaper 32bits (python26.dll directory will be C:\Windows\SysWOW64) or the x86-64 version if you're using Reaper 64 bits (python26.dll directory will be C:\Windows\System32) and to follow
  15. Well actually it's not that much of an error because you switched back to 4/4 at the right time, but your 3/4 section desynchs the song (the drums snare hits should be at x.2 and x.4, it's a regular beat) from a musical standpoint. It wouldn't be an issue in game, except for overdrive depletion.
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