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  1. This is one of the reasons I believe Harmonix should've made Double Bass Pedals either an Expert+ difficulty or at least made it an option (like Pro cymbals), but there's no sense in debating why they didn't. I adhere to the M-H-X-X+ format if I only make one version of the song, but if I specifically make a 2x Bass Version, I go E-M-H-X and E-M-H-X+ simply because it affects less players and the notes don't get crammed on lower difficulties. The other drummer that needs to think about what version/difficulty to select is the Expert drummer, who knows what he/she is doing. This way, the noob
  2. Not to kill the thread at all, but I believe my thread (titled "The Future of Rhythm Games) covered a lot of good "features that never were." That thread went of on a tangent because everyone felt like berating my chances of creating a rhythm game, but some of the features mentioned in the thread may spark some discussion (or already have).
  3. The player should have been the one to assign difficulties to songs.
  4. This is most unfortunate, but it's another question answered I guess.
  5. I recall posting about this somewhere on SH, but I don't believe a conclusion was reached. The question I have is: If you install a pre-TU5 Rock Band 3 disc on an Xbox hard drive, will a newer disc with TU5 run off of that install? This is an interesting concept because it would mean that new people could play customs even without the old discs. My friend is one such case. He does not own anything Xbox right now, so in order for him to pick up custom songs he would need to find (and most likely pay through the nose for) an old copy of RB3 in addition to hunting down instruments. If this id
  6. Start with just the charting aspect of it. Figure out how to chart an easy instrument such as drums or guitar. Then learn the basics from charting that instrument. Only after you know how to plot notes in Reaper and have a semi-playable, one instrument chart should you learn multiple instruments and all the formalities. If I were teaching you, I would recommend learning about charting in this order: Importing audio into Reaper and lining it up Charting Drums Charting Guitar Charting Bass Tempo mapping Animations (at least for drums) Events in the three instrument tracks Other formalities (p
  7. Hard To See and Burn It Down are both official RBN songs. If I'm correct, I think the rules of C3 state that we can't release songs that have been officially charted for Rock Band (for reasons of wanting to maintain somewhat good rapport with Harmonix in the event that they ever stumble across this forum). I believe this also includes making 2x Bass and RB3 Versions of songs already in Rock Band. Admins, please correct this if I'm wrong. As far as the other songs go, there's a good possibility that they will be charted and released through C3 at some point. I know that Jdcow45 and I both enj
  8. Quantize for sure. It's almost mandatory on drums if you copy/paste. Guitar and bass can also get some odd chord errors in some rare cases.
  9. I've been busy lately, and because of this I have been finishing songs very slowly. So, I'm am looking for someone who can assist me in finishing songs I've started and eventually new projects. This person can be a novice or an expert when it comes to charting as that will merely determine what they can help me with. Here's what I need help with: Reductions Venue Pro Keys and occasionally vocals Those three (four) things are my biggest time consumers, so even helping with one of them will free me up greatly. If you think you can help with one of those things, here's what you'd need: Reap
  10. Do you have to eliminate any of them? I can agree that I've never used kick and snare, but now that I said that, I'll probably find stems set up that way. I think you should keep them unless removing them is absolutely necessary.
  11. Reductions are done entirely in Reaper. Someone would give you a Reaper file that has the Expert instruments charted, then you would be making the lower difficulties inside that file. You don't need to actually play the charts. Vocals would not need touched since the scoring is the only thing that changes. The other four instruments, however, involve some basic Reaper knowledge as farottone mentioned, but you don't need any musical knowledge and you may even be able to get by without an audio file in some cases.
  12. If by "reduction" you mean charting lower difficulties, then this is something we could absolutely use. I can do Expert charts in a day or two, but it takes me weeks before I can muster up the time or interest to chart lower difficulties. I won't lie, it can be boring, but it's something anyone can do so long as they play on Hard (so they can determine what's too difficult and what's not).
  13. I personally don't have any songs finished to send through right now, but I've put all of my other projects on hold so I can finish a 16 minute beast and send it through to test that feature.
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