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  1. Yes. We would expect people to do that I would if RB4 had key charted for applicable songs.
  2. Will custom songs work online using the method mentioned above?
  3. Just read about what happened. I hope you can get all of your stuff back
  4. If online multiplayer is omitted from the disc and not a day one dlc item I'll be saving a lot of money not getting it or the PS4 to play it on. Without online I have nobody to play with.
  5. They do show several times difficulty being changed. It's just during a song showing off that changing difficulty no longer requires a pause when in song. Where it's not stated I would think the menu you pull up during a song can be brought up in-between them.
  6. Oh hell no! Thank you so much for The Lonely Island. Can't wait to get home from work and knock it out. Hope to see more of them get the treatment.
  7. It's happening again. Everyone is talking about Guitar Hero. All of the screens and videos and press. Several people irl have asked me about it since I'm "the guitar hero guy" even though I'm really the Rock Band guy. I feel maybe Rock Band should have put a little more than a few words out there about 4 especially if they knew some of the words were going disappointing. They are mechanically different games at this point but I doubt that will change anything.
  8. TrojanNemo, you have any luck getting the single file Moonrise going?
  9. Yes, my bad again. Twice in one day, I'm losing it lol. I want them all but my number one would be Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)!
  10. My bad, I remember a full Dream Theater album being released the same day as Octavarium. For some reason I thought it was the entire Octavarium album. Sorry for the confusion
  11. Its on my thread. I'm aware of your version of this song and it's missing vocals. No offense but I don't consider forum releases as C3 releases. Especially when they are not full band. I've also seen Copperhead Road and Hey Jealousy floating around the forums in non-complete states. Thank you for trying to help though.
  12. In my dream world Rock Band 4 would have Guitar exactly as we already have, Rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and 3 part harmonies. All keeping proper score for everyone while a Stage Kit keeps us in the mood. Go big or don't go lol I'll be buying a PS4 for Rock Band 4 no matter what they do but I can have my wishlist.
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