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  1. Unless you like Five Finger Death Punch. That band has quite alot of dlc released for RB4 in the last 5 years.
  2. Pretty nifty timing releasing these upgrades with SOTD releasing brand new material in 15 years.
  3. Nice variety of choices in this pack. Couldn't believe Gates of Steel hadn't been charted until now.
  4. Thank you for polishing up funkydunkleman's previous work. Giving AC/DC the recognition they so deserve.
  5. I worked with oscarj08 on bringing some Camel drum customs years ago. I would like to add more instruments to some of the songs but am on a huge hiatus right now. Eventually you may see me update these customs but don't hold your breath. Glad to see there are some Camel fans on this site though.
  6. Cheap Sunglasses full band for the win. Thank you peeps.
  7. You guys are the dream team putting these customs into TBRB. Cannot wait to play Revolver.
  8. And with that EA announces their working on a new Skate game. Is it a remake or is it a sequel. Time will tell.
  9. Love the James Bond, "Dr. No" esque intro of the "A Hard Day's Night" pack. Completely pin points that early 60's era. Thanks again for the excellent release.
  10. And just like that a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 remake announced today for a September release date. Maybe EA will want to do a Skate 4 if this THPS remake does well.
  11. I know you got very sick earlier this year to. Seems like you pulled through. I'm hoping to be back to normal later this summer. Thanks for the best wishes!
  12. Thanks for the best wishes. I'm currently battling germ cell tumor cancer located in my respiratory area. I have several months of chemotherapy ahead to get rid of the tumor. I've also been in the hospital for several weeks in the past 2 months due to Pneumonia and blood clots. This is has been the roughest year of my life in terms of health. Never had health issues like these in the past. I do not have Covid19 but it just so happened that my issues arose right when the USA got shutdown economy wise. Just wanted to let people know I am alive and kicking.
  13. Speaking of brains. I changed my avatar just for you.
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