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  1. Oh, right, my web sites are currently down. Anyway, you get the graphics from the old (32-bit) plugin download.
  2. I don't think I quite know what you're referring to: maybe the RB3 Cache Exporter tool? This is quite different than that.
  3. UPDATE: 20200224 v0.9 alpha - Added "import", "export", "macro" commands (Thanks to hentaiphd for idea and collab) - Added "verbose load" mode: hold down Shift key before cache loads to see lots of info (SLOW-ASS ON BIG CACHES!) Two new scripts are included to fix TU4 export licenses ("Dani California" and "Black Hole Sun") and EU DLC ("Hier Kommt Alex" and "Rock 'n' Roll Star"). Drop me a line if you test these out: as of this time, their correctness is entirely theoretical!
  4. Now one might wonder: if there's a license for "male_premium_hendrix_woodstock" in that pack, could we also fake other license entries in the cache to add other wardrobe unlocks?
  5. Updated to v0.8 today. @FujiSkunk provided an additional working cache that helped uncover the actual problem: The Bob Marley RB3 pack (the one that contains "Kaya") also includes a license file for additional wardrobe swag (namely "male_premium_hendrix_woodstock"). Thus far, this is the ONLY package we've found that has such extra license information, and the original spec I coded from was mistaken on what was contained in this chunk. So that's sorted out. Quickie fix, and I also reenabled the config to catch the exception and dump it to the text results area instead of halting the progra
  6. Sure, I'll take some of that action. Get me a link to the caches in question and I'll give it a whirl.
  7. Daaaammmnnn! All of those Al Jolson songs are now OFF THE LIST!
  8. Nope! I just date all vocal-only customs 100 years in the future so that it's easy to filter them out by decade.
  9. SINGLE: Blue Öyster Cult - "Cagey Cretins" Deep cut from the bestest BÖC album, "Secret Treaties". Because if I didn't chart this myself, who ever would?! Download Link VIDEO:
  10. Want to know which of your songs aren't wipe-proof? ; Print out info for non-wipeproof customs if id contains 10746 then println artist ", \"" song "\" (" shortname ")" end I'll add this script to the download next time I update, but you can just paste it to a text file yourself for now.
  11. A small v0.7 update... Apparently a few songs have album art intact in the file, but for some reason don't display in the game. Since these are primarily from movie soundtracks, it seems logical that HMX didn't want to license the cover art separately from the audio, so they just punted. So now these songs are automatically fixed when writing out a new cache: Promised Land (Vesuvius, free)Charlene (Stephen and the Colberts, free)Accidentally in Love (Counting Crows, Lego)Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr., Lego)It didn't seem to be at all useful to fix these within the scripting engine itself, s
  12. A beta version to test, if you're interested: http://tencrazy.com/dock/rbprev_vst64_beta.zip
  13. What's this?! An update after two almost THREE years!?!? MFX 04 - Ad Hoc Troubador 3-pack Everyone has been asking for this one!!! Okay, so I'm lying: NOBODY HAS BEEN ASKING FOR THIS ONE. Straight outta the early 90's Michigan college scene, Ad Hoc Troubador was a synth-driven duo with a New Romantic mindset. Or is it post-New Wave? Or maybe they were perky-goth... Or maybe I'm safe to label them as "Glam" because none of you know them from any other band and you're not gonna call me on it! Typical singalong rules are in play: Audio edits to cut down instrumental sections and for hard sta
  14. An update to the previous bug report: I've confirmed that if the rewritten cache exceeds 0xAA (170) blocks in size, it will be considered "read-only" by RB3. This threshold is documented to cause another tree level to be used in the hash table, but I'm not handling it capably (apparently). Most likely I'm not passing the right parameters to the X360 library API and it's just assuming what it thinks are "sane" defaults. This means that for a smaller library, your songcache would be fine (i.e. "rewritable") and will expand when adding new customs (without rescanning), which is why I hadn't r
  15. Well here's an interesting bug... At this point, I'm convinced that a soundcache file output by the tool is essentially "read only". You'll see all of your changes in RB3 (yay!) but if you add new DLC/customs afterward, it will rescan them every time. The trick, then, is to keep a copy of the "native" songcache to add new customs to, then generate a new modified songcache with the tool to do the fancy tricks. It's another task to complete before you get to playing, though. Ugh. But manageable if your collection doesn't change that often. The technical issue, I suspect (after eliminating
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