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  1. RB1 Best: Foreplay/Longtime Worst: 29 Fingers Underrated: Sabotage RB2 Best: That's What You Get Worst: Rebel Girl Underrated: Alex Chilton RB3 Best: The Con Worst: Me Enamora Underrated: Antibodies RB4: Best: You Make Loving Fun Worst: Milwaukee Underrated: The Warrior Rock Band Blitz: Best: Jessie's Girl Worst: We Are Young Underrated: Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) LEGO: Best: A-Punk Worst: Rooftops Underrated: Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) Band Hero (because its my favourite GH game sue me): Best: Like Whoa/So Yesterday/Taylor Swift songs Worst: Rock Star Underrated: L.E
  2. A lot of the stuff I've authored are my guilty pleasures lol
  3. Newest Release! (4.13.2020) The 1975 - "TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME" Here's another great song from The 1975! It's the absurdly named "TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME". One of my very favourite songs from the band. It's pretty simple in terms of charts, but it's really catchy and the autotune is really fun to sing. I normally wouldn't want to author keys and pro keys but I managed to find a great midi so it made it a breeze. And I also didn't think I should even chart the song if I couldn't chart keys so there you have it. Hope you enjoy!
  4. I released "Aqua Profunda" a while back if you haven't downloaded it already
  5. Hey everybody! I thought it might be a good idea to revive this thread, as though the years my releases have been scattered all over the place and frankly, not very well organized outside of the C3 Database. So I've decided to put all of my authored stuff in this thread now where it belongs in the original post of the thread for ease of use, and I hope it helps in finding what you're looking for from me. This is also a good time to update and say that I don't think I'm fully back into making more Rock Band customs, as I don't really play the game all that often, but I sometimes do find enjo
  6. I contemplated doing some Lizzo at some point. We shall see...
  7. Hope to see this one day as well!
  8. Today is unfortunately the last day of Chart-a-Thon, and this decade. When I first heard about Chart-a-Thon going on until New Years Eve, I wanted to make a pack that featured some of my favourite songs from the decade. I was planning on including a lot more songs, but ultimately just ran out of time. But hopefully I can work on them some more and release them in the new year. In the meantime, here are some of my picks that I hope you’ll find useful for your Rock Band New Years Eve party! Ariana Grande - “One Last Time” Authored by drummerockband When I think back to rising artists i
  9. Check out this morning's Chart-a-Thon release from me! http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/18662-chart-a-thon-day-32-slot-1-drummerockband-presents-moar-abba/page-16&do=findComment&comment=1000053233
  10. Well, it’s the day after Christmas (or Boxing Day, here in Canada) and while I hope you had a great one, the festivities don’t stop yet! Because I’ve got a few goodies for your New Year’s Eve Party! A 3-pack from the legendary Swedish Pop group, ABBA! This is a special release for me because my grandmother passed away 1 year ago today. One of her very favourite artists was ABBA, so this pack is a tribute to her memory, as I know she would have been dancing to these songs for sure! I hope you like the songs I’ve picked out this time around, and I think I've got some tracks that everyone wil
  11. Well, I wasn't gonna give it away what I do have working on like Banshee But I've started TooTimeTooTimeTooTime a while ago.
  12. I'm hoping to get some of The 1975 done after the new year, but I'm not sure when exactly I'll do them but hopefully soon.
  13. I have 3 of these done. Keep an eye out on Chart-a-Thon.
  14. Hi everyone! Here is my final pack for Chart-a-Thon. If any of my songs released through this event caused you to donate, let me be the first to say thank you very much! Now, onto the good stuff… Canadian law states that 35% of radio play must contain music from Canadian artists. So today, me, MrPrezident, grubextrapolate, Buster66, and ATrueJedi are fulfilling that. Well actually, ALL Chart-a-Thon content today is straight from Canadian artists! 100% Canadian! But I’m up first, so here are my selections. Alvvays - “In Undertow” Authored by drummerockband Alvvays has been such a
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