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  1. Whew, it really has been forever. I just wanted to pop in to say thanks in here to everyone that has kept this thing rolling. Answering questions, providing links (like Whizzer did here), making those forks for keys/venues... yeah. I appreciate you guys, even if I've been AWOL forever.
  2. Life is a zoo... happy to see the fork, though. If I get the cycles again maybe we can make it 'formal' (that or I can pass RBHP off!). In all honesty, if you want that fork to become the lead I'll change my links to point to it. I'm way too tied up with other gaming-related things and non-gaming related things to feel confident that I can commit (as if the last year and change wasn't a hint) and I haven't booted up much in the way of RB anything as a result.
  3. This sort of thing comes up every so often, and it did when they were initially released. a) I am not psychic and am not a superfan of the bands and could not magically tell this is the case. Mappings are sometimes done to add more variety to the part/chart. This is more commonly done in cases where there are alternating/near-overlapping vocal parts, but it's sometimes done for stuff like this where the "different vocal technique" dramatically differs.
  4. Sorry, been having some minor PC problems and less-than-minor 360 problems. Hoping to get a couple of other things tested and, time permitting today/tomorrow, I'll try and get Sideshow's stuff sorted and then get the 2nd quarter release out the door. Thanks for the keys stuff, as always. Absolute worst case scenario, I'm off for two weeks in August, so I shouldn't have anything getting in my way then.
  5. Sorry - I was trying to make a branch and it was not cooperating. Then I got tied up with some other crap and forgot. I'll try it again here shortly.
  6. Not currently, no - I wasn't ready to compile that from the however many tracks.
  7. Awesome - Linos, any objections if I include those videos on the spreadsheet for the keys charts/parts?
  8. I couldn't spot/repro a cause for this but I'll dive back in if you're still seeing it after a rebuild. Edit: Just in case there was any weirdness, I just went and re-exported the .mid and am re-uploading the master/2010 packages with that file.
  9. Hi folks, We're now officially in maintenance mode. Though I will be releasing new upgrades provided to me, I will not personally be authoring any new tracks (e.g. RBN tracks) -- or, honestly, playtesting those submissions beyond a cursory Reaper review -- for the foreseeable future. I'm just not playing much RB3 anymore and have been doing most of my review/testing with RB4, though I do plan to boot RB3 up to record any outstanding videos once review is complete. Note that the move to GitHub has required/necessitated I rename the Optional Upgrades folder, removing the dashes. If you have
  10. Sideshow - I grabbed your corrections (haven't added them yet), but I want to ask: what did you use as the baseline .mid? The file ripped straight from the LIVE package? If so I'll need to probably try and merge your changes into whatever versions were on the RB3 disc to make sure everything checks out, which means I likely won't put these in the April 'release' (they'll end up on the GitHub, but I want to cut off changes to anything submitted pre-Mar31, and if I have to do some merger stuff that will take some time and hold things up further). I'll likely check to see which ones did have o
  11. It doesn't really convey that message, though. While it's certainly a factor, Harmonix has essentially crippled themselves w.r.t. RB4 PC support by not being able to port DLC across (which is not something I fault them for). The move to next gen for RB4 was a complete non-starter for many people until DLC porting was confirmed - I know I wasn't going to jump in and start fresh having purchased all (non-RBN) DLC, and that's a big issue for me with the PC release. Granted, since I do have a console version w/ my DLC, and I have the wireless adapter, and resyncing is a pretty zippy process, I
  12. I'm still in an ongoing polishing process (mostly minor adjustments) to try and get things as close to perfect as possible, but, yes.
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